Mess in KCK

Marilyn and I were checking alleys in KCK and we came across a large brown pit mix on a chain, with her teats hanging full of milk. We went around to the front of the house and knocked, but there was no answer. We looked in the backyard and there were 3 adorable pit puppies, laying in the dirt. Momma was on a chain, living in the dirt as well. We looked next door and there was an 8 week old puppy chained to a doghouse. There was a Chihuahua, a Min Pin, and a mixed breed adult dog chained in the corner. This was all a mess. There were children playing in the yard with the puppy on the chain and pretty soon the grandma came out. She did not speak English at all, so it was very difficult to find out what was going on. The grandpa came out too, but he didn’t speak English either.

I began calling my Spanish-speaking people that interpret for me and trying to track down some help. The grandma’s daughter lived at the house with the pit puppies but she wasn’t home, so grandma got her on the phone. She did speak English and Marilyn talked with her. She wanted us to take the puppies and she was receptive to having mom spayed.

I finally got hold of Jess and she spoke to grandma, who wanted to give us all of the animals! We weren’t prepared to take them all that day because we had to get a plan together, but we did take the 8 week old puppy off the chain and grandma signed him over to us. He had no tail and no hair back there and so I had Jess ask her what had happened to the puppy’s tail. The grandma said that when they were born, a “worker” that was at the house cut it’s tail off with his knife. Hard to believe, but this stuff goes on all the time.

One of the pit puppies had had his ears cut, probably with scissors. They “cropped” his ears, actually taking about 1/2 of one ear totally off. I’m sure they were going for that “tough, ear-cropped, pit bull” kind of look. We’ve seen this before where people cut pit’s ears with scissors to crop them themselves. It’s cruel and inhumane but unfortunately,not that all uncommon.

We will attempt to rescue the other animals at the grandma’s house. We just have to have foster homes for them to go to. It’s a mess over there. There is a pit bull ban, yet here these people were having pit puppies. The puppies that we rescued from between the houses are super cute! We had them on our TV adoption spot on Monday on NBC Action News. Thanks, Curtis (and JiaoJiao!) for all of your help and support!

We found this mess because Chain of Hope gets out there in the community and actively searches for animals in distress. We have no problem finding them, as you can tell from the blog. Thanks for keeping us in the alleys!


One Response to “Mess in KCK”

  1. Andy Whiteman Says:

    Sounds like a great rescue! I can’t understand cutting the tail off a dog. When I was a kid, my father got me a mixed puppy. The first thing he did was take Jinx to the vets to cut his tail off. I thought it was mean and I never could understand the reason.

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