We help take care of several dogs in an alley in Northeast. I had written a blog about this on 8-19-11, called Chico and Friends. There was a female blue pit bull that always ran away from her house and came down the alley to where Chico and all of the neighborhood kids lived and played. She pretty much lived at these other people’s house and they fed her most of the time. We left them extra food and asked them to continue feeding her and we would get her in for a spay.

Chain of Hope received a phone call last week that this beautiful, sweet pit bull had been hit by a car. The neighbors that she always came to had her on their front porch, but they said her leg looked bad. I rushed over there to get her. Her leg was pretty bad, she had a compound fracture, where you could see the bone. Of course, the asshole that hit her never stopped.

It was late in the day Friday, but I ran her over to the Humane Society of Greater KC and they were still swamped. Dr. Taylor looked at her briefly and said I’d need to go get some x-rays but that she felt that it was definitely broken. She gave me some pain meds for her to get her through the night. We were able to make her comfortable and she was able to sleep.

The next morning which was Saturday, Liz ran her out to the vet and she was x-rayed. Her leg was a broken mess and they took her to surgery that day. They were able to get a large pin in that front leg and she is at Chain of Hope recovering. Liz fell in love with her (thanks for everything, Liz!) and is going to check into fostering her possibly. She is the most beautiful gray color. We named her Pewter. She has a very sweet personality and is doing very well. Thanks for supporting us so that we can do something about it when we get these calls and we can get these animals in for medical care. Our work is so very important in the inner city.


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