Pretty Momma and Puppy


Judy became aware of a house in midtown that had a lot of cats hanging around and reproducing, of course. She began going over there and trying to get them for spay/neuter. There was a momma cat with 3 babies, as well as several other cats. The people that lived there were extremely helpful and very grateful for the help.

While over there Judy saw a momma Shep and one baby, about 4 months, and they almost got hit right on Paseo. The people we were working with said that some lady had owned them at one time, but she didn’t want them and just turned them out. They were always in danger of getting hit, especially on Paseo. The people said they could touch the momma dog, but not the baby.

In the meantime, Judy got the momma and 3 baby kittens. Unfortunately, they contracted upper respiratory and one of the kittens died. We got the other 2 on Clavimox and with the help of a couple of other cat rescue people, were able to get them healthy and to safety. One of the cat rescue women went over and trapped for cats at the house and was able to catch 9 adults. Good job, Sharon! And Judy!

Judy kept telling me about the momma dog and her puppy and one morning she got a call that Sharon was able to get the momma dog on a tie-out, but the baby was not going to let anyone get close. She stuck right around there with momma, but she would not let you approach her. We decided we were going to have to go back and get one of our traps, which we did. We gave the people our phone number and a couple of hours later they called and the baby was in the trap! Finally!

We went over and got momma and baby and brought them to Chain of Hope. Sharon had found rescue for the momma dog and we are going to take care of the baby. These guys are gorgeous-really stunning when you see them in person. Their coloring is very pretty. Momma is very sweet and the puppy will come around. It’s about 4 months old, but it’s not totally feral. We will work with her and try to rehabilitate her. If anyone would like to foster her, that would be tremendous! She would progress much faster being in a foster home, so let us know if you’d like to try it!

Many thanks to all of you who support us-thanks for keeping us going for the animals!


One Response to “Pretty Momma and Puppy”

  1. Linda Says:

    great job!!! YEAH for Chain of Hope.. No one is better. You are out there in the streets getting down and dirty with the animals.
    I love you guys!

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