Princess and Moneque

We came across Princess a few years ago and brought her in and had her spayed. We gave her a good dog house and dropped food to the people once in awhile. We didn’t stop too often. Princess was at a good body weight, she was now spayed and they brought her in sometimes when it was super cold at night. I don’t know why, but after awhile they got another dog, another pit bull. We were surprised one day to go in the backyard and see a new dog there. The worse thing was that she had just had a litter of puppies that morning! She had dug a dirt hole in the yard and had put them in that. It was pretty cold outside. We gave the people crates to bring everyone inside and we started monitoring more closely, stopping by every week. Moneque and her puppies were always inside when we went, although Princess would be out on her tie-out that we gave her most of the time. When the puppies were old enough, the owners turned them all over to Chain of Hope and we moved them onto another rescue group. We waited a few weeks and then spayed Moneque. We dropped food once in awhile and eventually one day, Moneque wasn’t there. They had given her to a friend of theirs who ran an auto shop or car lot or something and supposingly she was doing fine.

The woman that lived here, Kristina, was very nice, but overwhelmed. She was in her 20’s and she had 4 kids already. I stepped into her house one day and she had the baby and the toddler, laying in the floor hooked up to feeding tubes hanging from the ceiling. All of her children were born prematurely and had numerous medical issues. Having two babies on feeding tubes, plus the other two kids and their issues, plus 2 big dogs was totally overwhelming. Her husband was rarely home and I’m sure she did all of this on her own. I used to ask her if she wanted to go in and get spayed and she would just laugh. That sumnmer she told me she was pregnant again! They were poor and the place was pretty dirty, but it was what it was.

We really didn’t need to check on Princess much. She was well fed, usually had clean water and they had one of our crates to bring her in more during the winter. We stopped by one day and lo and behold, they had another dog! I know this seems shocking to some of you, but unfortunately this is quite common-the “getting rid of” a dog and then getting another one. It was frustrating, but we’ve gotten used to it. We need to continue to get out there and educate, educate, educate!

The new dog is a gorgeous pit bull and guess what? They named her Moneque, too. We got her in and got her spayed and vaccinated. Now Princess and the new Moneque were on tethers in the backyard all of the time. We put them on our monitoring route and stopped by every 2-3 weeks or so.

One day we stopped by and Kristina came out and told me “well, we have one less dog now” and I asked her what she meant. She said that her husband had gone out that morning and found Princess dead. She had tried to get over the fence and had gotten hung. Beautiful Princess. I loved that dog. She would get so excited when we came to see her. I just couldn’t process in my head that beautiful, sweet Princess had died such a horrible death. It was too hard to think about.

Now, there was just Moneque there. She looked amazing. She is big and stocky and very, very sweet. They had her tied up ion a shit hole, but we got her moved to a different area. My daughter and I stopped by on a Sat. evening and the family was all out in the side yard cooking out and there was Moneque right there with them. She does get attention from the kids, now that they’re a little older. She seems happy. It’s just so sad about everything else that had happened at this house. We still go by and monitor Moneque because we do not want her slipping through the cracks. What happened to Princess broke our hearts, but unfortunately this is not uncommon. Our job is extremely depressing most of the time. We find, fall in love with and assist these dogs. They are so happy to see us when we come into the backyard, especially when we are bringing food and pig ears (thanks again, Don!). Then to find out that something tragic has happened to them the next time we go over is really hard to deal with. This is why outreach is not for everyone. You have to be very strong to deal with the death and sadness because it’s more frequent than you’d like to think.

Thanks for keeping us going.


2 Responses to “Princess and Moneque”

  1. Corrina Riemann Says:

    Reading about Princess brought tears to my eyes. I wish people would use more common sense when it comes to the environment their dogs are living in. At least these owners have been receptive to allowing you to make a difference for these sweet girls. Keep up the good work with Monique. Your vigilence makes a difference.

  2. Jan Girando Says:

    Such a sad story. But at least they allow you to watch over whatever dog(s) they currently have. I cannot imagine why people in such dire circumstances would have any dog at all, much less several, when they need so badly to concentrate on their own health and that of their children. You all are angels on earth to keep watching out for the little dogs that end up in such circumstances.

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