Run Free Hazel

I wanted to update everyone on Hazel, on old German Shepherd that I found one day last June when I was driving out south. When I found Hazel, it was one of those days that was very hot and humid. It had rained and then it had gotten very steamy-it was a terrible day outside. I turned down a side street and I saw a shepherd walking along the side of the road. She was walking very slowly, with her head hanging. She looked exhausted and honestly, not long for this world. I called to her and she looked at me. Her eyes looked so bad-they were very red and her lower lids were hanging way down. I got out and tried to coax her with some canned food, but she was afraid of me and turned to go down into some woods. She was trying to hurry and get away because she was scared, but I watched her go up and out the other side of the woods and come out into a field on the other side. I drove around there and got out. When I was about 10 ft. from her, she just kind of gave up. She just sat there and waited for me to put the slip lead on her.

We got her back to Chain of Hope and I named her Hazel. She was in pretty bad shape. We got her settled in, she just wanted to drink, eat a little and go to sleep. She was on a soft bed, in the air-conditioning and she didn’t have to worry about survival out there anymore. We got her into the vet the next day and she was heart worm positive, of course. She was emaciated and dehydrated. She had issues with her eyes, which she was put on drops for. We started trying to build her up and get her healthier and more comfortable.

One of our volunteers at the time, a wonderful angel named Tracy, decided that she would like to foster Hazel. Tracy specializes in geriatric dogs and her home is set up perfectly for caring for older dogs. She came and loaded up Hazel after Hazel had been with us for a couple of weeks. Tracy took Hazel home and gave her the best 2 months of her life. After several vet visits, we discovered that Hazel was full of cancer. there was really nothing that we could do except make her comfortable and help her enjoy the last part of her life. Hazel was pampered so much by Tracy and her husband, Bruce. Thank you Tracy and Bruce for all the love and care that you gave to Hazel and that I know you give to all of your dogs that are in your care. What a blessing that Hazel could be in such a lovely home for the remaining 2 months of her life.

Tracy knew the time was getting close and she had called and given us a heads up that she thought the end was near. Tracy lives on a farm and that morning, Hazel insisted on walking down to the barn with the other dogs and getting her treats. It was her last walk to the barn, ever so slowly. Tracy knew when it was time and took Hazel in later that day and held her while she slipped away.

I am so thankful that we had the opportunity to make the end of Hazel’s life so good. She was loved by so many people. Thank you for having the heart that you do, Tracy and Bruce, to care for the older dogs. They are so special and so deserving.

Run free with Marlan, Jekyl, Capone and all the others that have gone before you, Hazel. We love you!


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