Emily and Puppies

Emily is a gorgeous purebred German Shepherd that we came across in the hood one day. She was chained up, along with a male shepherd and she was very pregnant. We talked to the people about their options and left our info. with them. The next day they called and said to come and get Emily, they “didn’t want her”. I went and picked her up and that night she went into labor and had 7 puppies at Chain of Hope! I blogged about it on 5-18-11. When the puppies were about 10 days old, we transferred Emily and her family to Wayside Waifs, who put them in a foster home.  They stayed in the foster home for 8 weeks and then they all came back to Wayside for adoption.

About a week or so after they went back to Wayside, they started breaking with parvo. Wayside parvo tested every puppy, of which 3 were positive. They called us and asked us to come and get the whole litter. We brought them to Chain of Hope and over the course of the next few days, we lost the 3 that had tested positive. Four of them were left and we kept them until they had completed their vaccinations. We adopted out  Sasha, the remaining cream-colored one (the other cream-colored one passed away) and then we returned the remaining 3 to Wayside for adoption.  Emily, the momma, has been adopted-yay!

Look at these gorgeous puppies! They’re growing up, that’s for sure. These puppies are huge-will probably be anywhere from  80-100 lbs.

This was an emotional situation at Chain of Hope. We all helped care for the puppies when they came back from Wayside and it was so sad that we couldn’t save the three. One died here and two had to be euthanized, one at the emergency clinic. It was a bad deal and we were all pretty emotionally exhausted. At least Emily and 4 of her babies made it. Probably none of them would’ve made it if Emily had given birth on the end of her chain. Thank God we got her in time.

Thanks for keeping us out there.


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