Beautiful Hara

You may remember Hara. I blogged about her awhile back (6-30-11), but I wanted to update everyone because this little girl has been fighting a real battle. We found Hara in the hood, on a chain in the front yard of a mentally ill  elderly man. She looked absolutely terrible. Her skin looked horrible, she was scratching all the time, she’d lost a lot of hair and her skin was fiery red. She was emaciated and not very social. She truly looked like a 15 yr. old dog. We eventually got the owner to surrender her and brought her to Chain of Hope. When we first bathed her, her water continuously ran reddish brown with blood.

Hara was originally diagnosed with sarcoptic mange and a severe bacterial skin infection and began her treatment for that right away. She was heart worm positive and  only weighed  42 lbs. I can’t even describe how foul Hara smelled because of her skin condition. She scratched constantly and her skin would bleed. We kept her in the front room of the house and I could smell her in the morning when I came to unlock the door. It was a horrendous smell, and she had a greasy feel to her. Hara was a mess and had suffered, really suffered, for a very long time. We began a long recovery plan for Hara of all of her medicine, good food, supplements, medicated baths, etc. This little girl had been through so much. She obviously had been having trouble for a really long time. Thank God we got her and could start addressing all of her issues.

After about a month or so, Hara really wasn’t much better. I took her back into the vet, who agreed, and we totally switched our game plan with different meds for the mange, a stronger antibiotic, a different medicated shampoo, etc. She had only gained a pound, which was disappointing, despite the de-worming and nutritious food.  We did Hara’s new regiment faithfully, but after about a month when she wasn’t much better and I took her back in for a blood panel She had actually lost a pound.. In the meantime, while waiting for the blood results, we added lime dips to our arsenal. Hara gets lime dipped once a week now. The report came back from the lab and there was really nothing unusual or concerning about any of it.

The lime dips seem to be helping, but poor Hara is still fighting. She is adorable and we are all in love with her. She has come out of her shell somewhat and once in a while, we’ll catch her play-bowing and yapping to get another dog to play. That brings tears to my eyes. Despite all that she has been through and continues to go through, she is so much happier. She is starting to get a little better finally. Her hair is growing in a little, but she is still in the struggle. We haven’t weighed her recently, but she looks like she’s picked up a few pounds.

Hara just went home with Brittney, a Chain of Hope volunteer, for a reprieve from Chain of Hope. She could really use a long-term foster home where she can get out of this environment and get into a foster home. Chain of Hope takes care of all medical, of course, and we lend out crates, etc. for our foster dogs. Hara kennels very nicely and rests quietly in her crate. She goes out with all of the other dogs and gets along fine with everyone. She loves to go out and just lay on the deck, especially at night. Hara has been here at Chain of Hope all summer and we would love to let her get into a home to continue her recovery.  Hara is not one of those dogs that comes up to you for loving. At first she appears a little aloof, but she is really a sweetheart and loves to be pet! She just has never known how to receive love and attention because she’s never had that until she came to Chain of Hope. Turns out she is only about 5-6 yrs. old, not elderly like we first thought when we saw her. She can have a wonderful, full life ahead of her. Please let us know if you’d be interested in fostering or adopting Hara. She has endured the worst which breaks our hearts because she has one of the sweetest spirits that we’ve seen.

Thank you for keeping us out there so that we can find these dogs like Hara, who are in so desperate need of help. Thank you for donating so that we can pay our medical expenses and pay for an on-going treatment such as Hara’s. It’s because of all of you that we are out here. Thank you for your continued support.


2 Responses to “Beautiful Hara”

  1. sarahemullally Says:

    Hara is such a sweet girl and just wants to be loved on! I am so happy Brittney took her home for awhile – she definitely needed a reprieve. Hara would make anyone very happy as their baby girl, what a lovebug!

  2. Paige Says:

    Thanks COH for saving another innocent soul! I wonder if Hara might respond better to Traditional Chinese Medicine (herbs & supplements specifically for her symptoms). Dr. Perkins in Lee’s Summit is a miracle worker! I took my Yorkie to her when she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis AND trachael collapse.

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