Chico and Friends

I found Chico a couple of years ago by going down an alley in northeast in the winter. He had a pretty funny shelter, but it was decent. The kids had actually made him a fort around a wooden doghouse they’d put together and they had tarps and everything all strewn up. They climbed in there with him and played. I took Chico in for neuter and vax and just dropped them food once in awhile. I took their two cats in for spay/neuter. Chico was always at pretty good body weight and the kids played with him, so even though he was on a tie-out it was better than most situations.

I hadn’t been by in quite awhile and I drove that alley the other day. There was Chico, chained up behind their house, which had obviously burned in a fire. The owner was there working on the house and I asked him about Chico. Chico was on a chain and had no shelter. The mom and kids came out from across the alley to talk to me. They had moved to a house across the alley for the time being, but still kept Chico behind their burned house. They had an other dog now that I’d never met before and they kept him on the front porch. He had a dog house, food, and clean water.

The owner told me that they had had to get Chico in and get his shots and license. I don’t know if animal control had been there or not-one of the neighbors said they had been. I didn’t have a dog house on the van at the time, so I told them that I’d be back the next day with a house for him. I asked the mom what had happened to the kids’ fort for him and she said it had eventually all fallen apart.

We went back the next day with a nice igloo for Chico. We hung fly bags, gave them food, put him on a tie-out cable  instead of the chain,  etc. When we gave Chico one of the big cow ears to chew on (thanks, Don!), he immediately went over and started burying it. Bet he digs it up later!

One of the kids told me that there was a pit bull up the alley that isn’t spayed and gets out of the yard all the time. She showed her to me and she is adorable. No one was home and we left them some information. We will follow up and make sure she gets spayed. Snapped a picture of them together. Gotta love the kids-they tell you where everything is, they know it all!

Chico loves those kids. I am so glad that he has company, even though he’s tied up out back. I asked the kids if they ever walk him (was going to give them a leash) and they said yes. I actually do believe these guys!

Thanks for keeping Chain of Hope going with your support!


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