We found little Sebastian tied to a fence behind an abandoned house with no food, water, or shelter. We thought he was a puppy and he was very thin, had sores on his skin, and was lethargic. We were afraid that we might be dealing with parvo-there’s been so much of it this summer.  We got Sebastian in for a parvo test, which was negative thank goodness.  We de-wormed him, got him on some good dogfood and satin balls (thanks Julia, Marci and crew!), and started helping him get used to the routine around here. He was very, very shy. He would duck his head when you reached to pet him-things like that. It was very sad to see what had obviously been not only a neglect case, most likely abuse.

Sebastian started putting on weight and getting used to things around here. He was so skinny when we first brought him here that he would slip right through the gates that we have to partition off the dogs!  Sebastian LOVES to play with the other dogs. Tess has been his best friend (a wonderful dog, too!). They absolutely love each other and to run around the big backyard, chasing each other. Sebastian has the cutest face! The vet thought he was about 1 1/2 yrs. old.  Now, he always looks like he’s smiling, rather than when we first got him and he just hung his head all the time. He is getting more and more confident (we tell him all the time what a brave boy he’s being!). Today, Sebastian went home with his foster dad, Steve. Steve and his wife, Marci, are fostering Sebastian. Thanks, guys, for opening your home and your hearts to Sebastian.  He needs a place to blossom. It’s a beautiful thing to participate in and experience.


4 Responses to “Sebastian”

  1. Shirley Says:

    YAAAAAAY for Sebbie

  2. sarahemullally Says:

    Is Sebastian being fostered now? That’s great! What a sweet little boy, he obviously had a bad life before COH…now onto the good chapter!

  3. Steve Says:

    Sebastian Update. 9-09-2011.
    Marci and I have had Sebastian for 25 days now and he really coming out of his shell. He gets along with every creature he meets. His mischief is the best indication that he is moving past the bad memories. He loves to go on walks and play around in the backyard. Marci takes him for “sprints” around the block to try and burn off some of his boundless energy. I have never meet a dog so well-mannered and friendly as this little guy. Thank you for rescuing him!

  4. Susan Keil Says:

    It is very heartwarming to read of the transformation this pup is going through. Thank you Chain of Hope, Marci & Steve!

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