No question this has been the toughest summer since I’ve been doing outreach. We’ve had so many euthanasias this year and the heat and humidity have been relentless. It is tough to see the suffering out there day after day after day. I wanted to share a little joy with you. We asked for swimming pools and we did receive some (thank you!). These two dogs are Precious (yellow labx) and Snoop (pit). They are tied up behind an auto shop, but thanks to Chain of Hope, they are on tie-outs now, they are fixed and a couple of days ago, with the heat index of 108 degrees, they received their personal swimming pools! They were just getting used to them as we were getting them filled up with cool water. They were very curious and kept drinking out them! The owner assured me that it wouldn’t be long before they’d be in them-especially Snoop, he said!

It’s a great feeling to provide some relief to dogs like Snoop and Precious, and to leave knowing we made their lives a little bit better and a little more comfortable. Thanks for keeping us out there and thanks for donating the pools!

Thank you to all of the COH volunteers. You are so dedicated and I appreciate all of you. Thanks to you, we’ve been able to have at least one team out everyday, all day and often times these past few weeks, we’ve had two teams out there providing relief and help to so many animals. It’s because of all of you behind us that we are able to continue to do this very important work, so I sincerely thank you for your support.


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