A Mess

Chain of Hope received an email about a house where a momma dog had had 11 puppies. We went over there a few days later and could see when we pulled up that there was a dog pen in the backyard. We knocked and knocked and although the tv was on, no one would come to the door. Their gates were locked, so we walked down that neighbor’s yard to get a better view.

There was a large, mostly black lab mix with the worst ears we’ve seen this summer. The wounds from the flies were deep into the flesh on his ears-the pictures don’t even show the severity of it.  He was thin, had no water, had flies everywhere and he was on a tie-out that had gotten all wrapped around the fencing and crap in the yard. There was an old mattress in the pen. While we were there, a quick torrential downpour happened. We ran to the van and waited and when we went back there again, the dog was licking the water droplets off of the mattress. He was very thirsty.  He barked at us a lot and was basically just scared of us.

There was another large dog in the other doghouse, a wooden piece of shit with a hole in the roof. We couldn’t tell what condition this dog was in and we thought initially that maybe it was the momma and she had the puppies in the doghouse and that’s why she wasn’t coming out. We weren’t sure what was going on.

We decided that we would feed and water these guys and leave our info. on the door. Just as we were getting ready to leave, the backdoor opened and another dog came running out of the house. A young woman came out and we began talking with her. Turns out that this was the momma dog and she had had 11 puppies, but they’d already given them all away. We were talking to the woman about the conditions of the two outside dogs when her mother came out. She was on something and was totally wasted. She kept mumbling about “don’t take my dogs”……I told her that’s not what we were there to do, we were just checking on them to see if they needed anything. This household was a mess. We left and decided to monitor this house and watch the conditions.

About this time, the heat wave hit KC and it was bad out there. We went by a couple of more times to check on the two dogs out back and it was horrible every time-no water, no food, feces everywhere, flies everywhere. I decided that I had better call it into animal control. I don’t think I could ever get through to this crazy lady.

When I called a couple days later to see the results of the animal control call, they said that they couldn’t make contact with the owner and they had left a door hanger. These dogs were still suffering, so I called animal control again and asked them to do a recheck. An officer went over and the dogs were gone. They still had the female dog inside, but the other 2 were gone. The people said they’d gotten rid of them-whatever that means. It’s all so sad. Those dogs didn’t deserve the way they were being treated. The only saving grace is that where ever they are, the chances of them ending up in a worse situation were slim because they’d already lived in hell.

Thanks for keeping us going.


2 Responses to “A Mess”

  1. Michelle Marchese Says:

    So sad….

  2. Corrina Riemann Says:

    Animal control officers should have removed the dogs from the property immediately and then left a note on the door. A follow-up call to COH on the action (or inaction) taken would have been nice too.

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