Tuscan and Phoenix

Chain of Hope received a call from a meter reader about two dogs left behind at a house in KCK. They were two unaltered, large mixed breed dogs. The house that they had lived at where the owners moved (assholes!) and left them was on a dead end street. The dogs just hung out right there, they really didn’t venture very far. They spent a lot of time behind the house, laying in the tall grass back there.

One of the dogs was a blk/wh Pointer mix and we named him Phoenix. He was thin, but in not too bad of shape. The other one is some kind of Mastiff/Shep mix and we named him Tuscan. When we first went over and started caring for them, they were kind of shy. They quickly figured out that we brought really yummy food and fresh, cold water. They didn’t care so much for the fly spray and fly gel we put on them, but we told them it was for their own good! It wasn’t long before they would hear our van pull up and here they’d come, excited to see us.

We always intended to get these two boys-we didn’t want them going to animal control if it could be helped. Because they seemed relatively safe where they were, no one bothered them and we were able to maintain them with the necessities they needed, they weren’t at the top of the priority list.  This summer has been brutal. We’ve had emergency after emergency and dogs are constantly jumping to the top of the list that needed help. Tuscan and Phoenix got put on the back burner because we had dogs in very dire situations that needed our help immediately or they could die. We felt bad, but we went faithfully over there taking care of Tuscan and Phoenix about 4 times a week for 3 months.

One evening when I went by, Phoenix wasn’t there. Tuscan came from the back of the house by himself. My heart sank. I called and called, but no Phoenix. I fed Tuscan and thought maybe Phoenix took off because he smelled a female in heat or something. I went back everyday after that, hoping and praying I’d see Phoenix, but we’ve never seen him again. I don’t believe he ended up at animal control. I don’t know what happened to him, but I have a feeling it isn’t good-maybe hit by a car or something. Hate to even think about it. We’ve combed that area and looked and looked, but haven’t seen him at all-alive or dead.

We decided that we better go ahead and get Tuscan before something happened to him, too. We brought Tuscan in to Chain of Hope. Believe me, it is hard to get him to go outside sometimes, he is enjoying the air conditioning so much! He’s a happy boy, super cute and we are so glad to have him here finally. I grieve for Phoenix, it’s all so sad.

Tuscan was neutered and vaccinated yesterday and like almost all of our dogs that we rescue, he is heart worm positive. We pay about $200 per dog for heart worm treatment and we’ve  probably treated 20 at least so far. Thank you for your support so that we can get these dogs the help they need.

Tuscan has quickly become a favorite at Chain of Hope. He has the most endearing face and expression! We love him. He plays with all the other dogs and gets  along great. He’s just a super dog and he could use a foster home or an adoptive home! Fill out an application on our website under “Adoptions” if you’re interested in helping out Tuscan. He needs to put some weight on and get started on his heart worm treatment and then he’ll be good as new!

Welcome to your new life, Tuscan. God bless you, Phoenix, wherever you are-you were loved in this difficult world.


One Response to “Tuscan and Phoenix”

  1. sarahemullally Says:

    Bless your heart Kate. My heart goes out to Phoenix, I hope he is okay and has found a loving home…we will take good care of Tuscan at COH!

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