Oscar-Grouchy No More!

We had gotten a call from a utility worker a couple of months ago about a little dog that was very matted and was kept outside 24/7.  We went over and found a chocolate little something, all matted. The woman said the dog was no neutered and we told her and showed her the KCK mandatory spay/neuter law. We also told her our policy that we do not help or give supplies to people that do not want to spay or neuter their pet. All she wanted was a grooming job. We left because she was not willing to do the right thing.

One day the next week, we got a call from this woman and she had decided she didn’t want the dog anymore! Go figure. Can’t make sense of people, but it was the best day of Oscar’s life. We went over to get him and he looked even worse than the week before. He looked terrible. The mats on his back and sides were so hard.  The people told us that they had put Nair on this little guy!!! Plus, he was out in this heat 24/7  with Nair on him and he was a mess. He was mad as hell, but as I always say-he had every right to be. He should hate all humans all together. We couldn’t pick him up because he would bite. The volunteers named him Oscar the Grouch.

We took him over to the Humane Society of Greater KC and left him to be sedated and shaved. I told them while they had him knocked out, to go ahead and neuter him, vaccinate him and HW test him. I went back later that day to pick him up and I couldn’t believe it was the same dog! First of all, he used to be chocolate and now he was a beautiful charcoal gray under all that nastiness. The Humane Society checked him over really well. He surprisingly had no ear infections or secondary skin infection! Oscar keeps shaking his head, though, like he can’t believe his ears don’t still weigh 10 lbs. each! He just rolls around on his doggie bed and shakes his head and rubs and rubs on the blankets. I know he feels so much better! He is getting sweeter and sweeter. We still can’t pick him up, but in one day, he is letting us put a slip lead on him and take him out to potty. Oscar is not a grouch anymore! He is only 3 yrs. old and he so deserved a chance to get to feeling better to see what his disposition was truly like and he is going to be a real sweetie. I know he was in so much pain-he could hardly turn his head around because of the mats.

Oscar is resting comfortably in my office! He loves his dog bed and is always curled up in it. Oscar needs a foster or adoptive home, so if you’re interested in this little guy, please fill out an application on the “Adoptions” page of our website.

Thanks for keeping us out there!


One Response to “Oscar-Grouchy No More!”

  1. Andy Whiteman Says:

    Oscar looks much better. Good job! I can’t understand some people either. I moved into a house in the Waldo area in 1994. The neighbor had a dog looking much the same as Oscar out in the heat all day. I finally called Animal Control who made him groom the dog.

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