Wednesday and Pugsley

We were driving through the hood the other day and I decided to check a house that I had helped before. I had spayed and neutered all the animals that were here before. They lived in a fenced in section of the yard. After a while, the people and animals moved. I had not checked there in a long time, but I decided to pull over and see what’s up. We discovered 2 dogs in the pen, which was totally nasty. There was all kinds of trash, etc. there. There were a bunch of empty bags of dog food on the ground. It looked like someone came by and just threw a small bag of food over the fence every once in awhile. Their ears were bleeding from the flies. We pounded and pounded and no one came to the door-I’m sure it’s abandoned.

There was feces everywhere and zillions of flies around. We immediately went to the van and grabbed some fly bags and ear gel. As we filled up the fly bags with water and started to hang them on their fence, both dogs jumped up and started licking the water droplets that were dripping down the side of the fly bags. It was so incredibly sad. These dogs were so thirsty. We went and got a jug of water off the van and as soon as we started filling the bucket, both of them dived their heads into the water and drank and drank and drank. They were both pretty thin, we filled their food bowls.  They were very sweet dogs. It was so unfair that they had to live like this. We decided to fix them up, monitor them and see if we could turn things around. We left a large bag of food on the porch along with our info.

I sent some volunteers by again about 3 days later and they came back with a bad report. They said the dogs were dying of thirst, they were very hungry and the bag of food we had left on the porch was still there. They had fixed the dogs up and came back to report the conditions. A couple of days later, we went over again and we finally talked to a neighbor. They told us that the people had moved out 2 months before and left the dogs. Amazing that people are that uncaring.

We decided to go ahead and bring them to Chain of Hope. When we let them out of the pen, there was a white 5 gallon bucket sitting over by the window well, full of dirt and weeds, etc. As soon as the dogs were let out of the pen, they both ran over to that bucket and dove their heads in. They thought it was water!!! Poor babies. We loaded up the dogs and brought them to Chain of Hope. They were in pretty bad shape-very dehydrated, thin, covered in fleas. We named the beautiful golden female Wednesday and the black lab mix male Pugsley. They were so happy to be in air-conditioning and to have food and water. They devoured their food every time we fed them and they drank lots of water for about 4-5 days, trying to rehydrate themselves.

Wednesday and Pugsley are wonderful dogs! They are very, very sweet, play with the other dogs, and just are happy to have food, water and some love and attention. They could each use a foster home, so if you’re interested please fill out a foster application on our “Adoptions” page of our website.

I don’t know what would’ve happened to Wednesday and Pugsley if we hadn’t come along. I don’t know if the neighbors ever would have called the city. I hate to think that they may have stayed in that pen and died of starvation and dehydration. Thanks for keeping us out there!


6 Responses to “Wednesday and Pugsley”

  1. julia johnson Says:

    I can’t believe the neighbors hadn’t called anyone!!

  2. julia johnson Says:

    Thank you for helping the animals!! You are angels!

  3. Cathy Bliss Says:

    Read their story…great dogs available for adoption!

  4. Andy Whiteman Says:

    It is pretty common for dogs to be abandoned when people move. I don’t understand how people could leave their dogs like that! Realtors frequently find dogs abandoned in vacant property. I read about a Realtor in CA who went to the expense of fostering the abandoned dogs on her own and then trying to find homes for them.

    From your description, I doubt that the neighbors were the kind of people who would call animal control. At least one person was kind enough to throw a bag of dog food over the fence. If I observe that at an abandoned house, I certainly would take action. I am glad to hear that this one had a positive ending thanks to Chain of Hope.

  5. sarahemullally Says:

    Pugsley is such a joy!! He would make such a wonderful pet for anyone I wish I could take him. I’m sad because I think he misses Wednesday but that is a very happy thing she’s in a foster home!! Pugsley is playful! You should’ve seen him in the baby wading pool last night, frolicking, jumping, playing. And then he’s a cuddler too… praying and praying that he gets into a foster/adoptive home ASAP.

  6. Tammy Lynn Garrison Says:

    We are fostering Wednesday… she’s lovely and wonderful and gets on well with our cats (though she thinks they’re tiny dogs, and doesn’t understand why they don’t want to be herded by her). She’s made many friends at the local dog park, and now that she’s gotten used to indoor life (everything was scary to her at first–even the toilet flushing and the crinkle of aluminum foil), she’s showing just how smart and mischievous she is. Last night she even tried to make off with my Quiznos sub 🙂 She’s usually pretty good, though, and since she’s smart, she usually doesn’t do a naughty thing multiple times, since she knows we’ll be upset. She’s only played with my shoes once.

    We’re working on some commands with her, and getting her to stop pulling on the lead–but she’s got a mind of her own. She wants to go off exploring, and we should just follow her, since SHE is in charge of all field trips. They loved her at the local farmer’s market, and she did really well at the dog fair this weekend at our senior center.

    She loves squeaky toys, and bucks around the living room with them like she’s a tiny bronco. Now that she’s figured out treats, she’s also figured out how to try to use the puppy dog eyes to get them. She loves car rides, now that we’ve taught her that fun things happen at the end of a car ride. At first she was super-frightened of the car, now she runs up to it hoping she can persuade us to take her somewhere. We’re working on teaching her to sit on her bottom while the car is in motion, but there’s just so much to see, she keeps looking out all the windows.

    She’s also CRAZY fluffy, and shedding like mad. We go around and sweep up her hair twice a day. I pulled off enough fur to build her a little brother with the Furnminator last night. She’s still scared of baths, but took nail clipping, and being Frontlined like a champ. I call her Little Mademoiselle Wednesday when she starts getting sassy with me, and Little Princess when she’s being picky.

    She’s also a good little guard dog, and barks when she hears “suspicious” people coming up our walk… like carpet cleaning salesmen (but not the mailman, funnily enough).

    As you can see from this super-long report that we absolutely adore her, and know she’s a special pup. We hope she finds a special home with people who know just how awesome she is.


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