Pits in Crate

Chain of Hope received an anonymous call about two pit bulls in a “pen” on a front porch, no food, no water, etc. I sent a couple of volunteers over to check it out and they called me that it wasn’t good. I headed down to see and while on the way, I called animal control.

When I got there, there was an enclosed front porch with the door totally off and there sat a wire crate with two pit bulls in it. There was no food, no water just like the caller said. There was an empty bowl in the crate. They were sitting in their feces and urine. They were the sweetest dogs, even when treated so badly. That’s one of the reasons why dogs amaze me so much.

We had knocked and knocked, but either no one was home or they wouldn’t answer the door. We had no choice but to call animal control. It sucks, but there is NO where for pit bulls to go-every rescue is beyond full. They certainly couldn’t stay there and live like that.

Animal control did pick up the dogs that evening. I grieve for the pit bulls out there-there is so little help for them. They are the most neglected, abused breed of dog-we see them all the time on tow chains, skinny, fly-bitten. We will keep fighting the good fight.


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