Sad Situation in KCK

We received a phone call from an owner in KCK one day. They said that they had a dog that had had 13 puppies. They were 3-4 weeks old and 5 of them had died the previous Saturday. They said that they didn’t know what to do. We jumped in the van and headed right over. When we got there, it was a pretty nice home. Several little foo-foo dogs came running out that were groomed, had cute collars on, etc. Someone that lived there came out and told us that one little puppy was not making it, she thought it was dying-it was laying in the driveway. It was a VERY hot day and the rest of the puppies didn’t look that great either. The mom was running around loose. We quickly scooped up the rest of the puppies, the poor little momma and had the people sign them all over to Chain of Hope.

They were all dehydrated, you could feel all their ribs, they had fleas and momma had no milk for them. She was thin, only weighing about 35 lbs. herself and she’s had 13 puppies. There were 8 left, but she just couldn’t keep up with such a large litter and it sure looked like she was getting NO help from the people.

We got them all down to Chain of Hope and began giving them Pedialyte and bottle feeding them. They were in pretty bad shape. We gave them all Capstar (kills fleas in about 30 min.) and de-wormed them. The little one that had been dying never did bounce back-he was too far gone. We kept him all afternoon caring for him and loving on him. We took him over to Humane Society of Greater KC in the late afternoon and their feeling was that we should euthanize him. He really was skin and bones and just turned his little head away from the food-he was just too far gone, poor little guy.

We got the rest of the puppies set up in their lovely suite upstairs and they’ve gotten stronger everyday. They are adorable! They are doing great and actually they, plus momma Sydney, were all spayed and neutered today! They are 8 weeks old and they are all going to be featured on our Monday adoption spot on NBC Action News! Watch for this adorable family, usually between 11:00 a.m. and noon.


One Response to “Sad Situation in KCK”

  1. Andy Whiteman Says:

    I can’t understand anyone leaving dogs, especially pups out in the heat! This all could have been prevented with spay/neuter.

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