Lady and Delilah

We met a struggling older lady in the hood one day. She was trying to take care of her grand kids because her daughter, their mother, had been in the hospital for a month. She had 6 dogs and fed a couple of stray cats. All of her dogs looked great-they were well fed and clean. They were all in a large fenced yard, not on tethers. Unfortunately, this family was getting evicted. They had no running water, no electricity. The city had been called on her, including animal control. They told her that she had to get down to 4 dogs (the legal limit in KCMO) and that she had to get her other dogs current on their rabies and city licenses. This woman was really having a hard time.

I asked her which two dogs she was going to give up and she told me that it would be the two cattle dog mixes, who were sisters. Their names were Lady and Delilah and they were about 8 mo. old, not spayed yet. ¬†Neither of them had gotten pregnant though, thank goodness. Her other dogs were all fixed. I took some pix of Lady and Delilah, loaded her up with food and treats, and told her I’d see what I could do to help her.

Fortunately, Wayside Waifs was able to take these two girls. Thanks again, Wayside! Lady is the one with more white on her. She is more out-going and social. Delilah is pretty scared right now. The volunteers are working with her. I think she’ll come around and end up being just fine.

I’m thankful that we were able to help this woman out. We wish her good luck with everything she’s facing. It can’t be easy. She loves her dogs, though, and as poor as she is they are all well cared for. This woman even came up with the money and got all of her remaining dogs vaccinated and licensed. She didn’t ask us to do it for her or anything else, except to help her place Lady and Delilah. I love helping these kinds of people who are really trying. Times are so tough right now, thanks for keeping Chain of Hope going so that we can help these animals and their owners.


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