I was driving out south the other day. It was one of those days that was very hot, it had rained and then it had gotten very steamy-it was a terrible day outside. I turned down a side street and I saw a shepherd walking along the side of the road. She was walking very slowly, with her head hanging. She looked exhausted and honestly, not long for this world. I called to her and she looked at me. Her eyes looked so bad-they were very red and her lower lids were hanging way down. I got out and tried to coax her with some canned food, but she was afraid of me and turned to go down into some woods. She was trying to hurry and get away because she was scared, but I watched her go up and out the other side of the woods and come out into a field on the other side. I drove around there and got out. When I was about 10 ft. from her, she just kind of gave up. She just sat there and waited for me to put the slip lead on her. I told her that  she sure made the right decision that day!

As I got her into the car, I could feel that she was totally emaciated. She was dehydrated, she was lethargic. It had taken all of the little energy that was left in her to try and get away from me. She laid in the backseat and put her head down, while I blasted the air-conditioner on her. I told her this was probably the best day of her life-she was now a Chain of Hope dog and she was now going to be ok!

I got her down to Chain of Hope and got her set up with some food and water and just let her rest. We named her Hazel. She’s an older dog, so we gave her an older name. I got her into the Humane Society of Greater KC the next day and had her checked out. She definitely had an eye infection, she’s heart worm positive, she was dehydrated, severely underweight, etc. We got her started on some meds and she seems to be feeling better everyday.  When she gets built back up again and gets healthier, we will start her heart worm treatment.

The vet felt a spay scar. Some where along this old girl’s journey, someone had cared about her. Either that or she was adopted from a shelter, so she was already fixed, and she’d gotten lost, put out or whatever.

Hazel is doing fine! She’s a sweet girl, that just likes to lay on her soft doggie bed and chill. She’ll never have to worry about anything ever again. Thanks for keeping us out there!


2 Responses to “Hazel”

  1. angie mcdaniel Says:

    tears of joy reading this. bless you all.

  2. sarahemullally Says:

    I love Hazel. Thank you so much Kate for stopping that day to help her. She is such a special girl and yes, that was the best day of her life. I can only imagine how good the air conditioning felt on her face, how good your touch felt to her heart. Nice work! We love Hazel!!

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