We found beautiful Hara on outreach one day. She was tied up in a front yard and she looked terrible. She was emaciated, dehydrated, her skin was bleeding, she was missing a lot of hair, she was shut down emotionally. This little girl looked absolutely terrible. She had no energy, she just seemed lifeless. We talked the guy into letting us take her to the vet and get her treated. He signed a paper stating that we could do that and we brought Hara down to Chain of Hope.

The next morning I took Hara to my favorite place-Humane Society of Greater KC. They skin scraped her and she had sarcoptic mange and a secondary skin infection that smelled really nasty, poor thing. She is heart worm positive, of course. She was very underweight and her coat was horrible. She had obviously not been cared for properly in a very long time.

Hara got a medicated bath right away. The water just ran dark red with blood when we bathed her. Her skin was firey red and infected. The next day she got Promeris put on her for her mange.
We’ve kept her at Chain of Hope for a couple of weeks now trying to get her on her feet, so to speak. She’s started wagging  her tail, just a little. She has a great appetite-she was just starving. The owner kept calling and wanting her back. We finally went over and talked to him at length and he finally signed her over to Chain of Hope. He realized that he couldn’t care for her and he wanted a better life for her, as well as not having to worry about any vet bills, which were a lot. If you can donate to help us out with Hara’s expenses, please donate on Paypal (home page).

Hara is eating and taking her meds and doing great! She loves to be with other dogs. She is still shy, but she does like it when we love on her-which is a lot!  Hara could sure use a foster home to continue to recover in. She is a wonderful dog. It is the best feeling in the world to help a neglected, timid animal just blossom into a confident, happy dog! If you’d like to foster or adopt Hara, please fill out an application on our “Adoptions” page on our website.

Hara is a sweet, sweet soul. She was in absolutely terrible shape. She had to have felt so sick and so bad for such a long time. She is on the road to recovery, though, both physically and emotionally. She is healing.

Thanks  for helping us rescue dogs like Hara. I shudder to think what would’ve happened to so many of these babies if we weren’t out there. Thanks for keeping us going!


2 Responses to “Hara”

  1. Lin Says:

    GREAT job, all! Praying for this little girl.

  2. angie Says:

    You guys are AWESOME. I follow the blog religiously and am always posting these on my facebook page to my KC friends (I moved to NYC) for awareness and hoping some of them can help out or adopt/foster. THANK YOU for what you do!!! They deserve happy healthy lives!

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