Fergie and Her Babies

We first came across Fergie while searching in NE for neglected animals. We sure found one when we found her! She had eye infections in both eyes. The woman said that the neighbor kid poked her in the eye with a stick. Who knows? She had hardly any hair on her back end. She was in pathetic shape.

I made a spay appointment for her a few weeks later and the Friday I went to pick her up, I found out that she had had 5 puppies outside in her doghouse the previous night-gave birth while on a chain as so many of them do.  We were just a little too late. We left some food and went on our way intending to check back.

After a few days, we were able to take Fergie and her puppies into our program. They were in a foster home-thank you once again, Eleanor! We eventually moved the puppies onto Wayside Waifs (thanks again, Wayside!) and Fergie ended up having entropian and cherry eye surgery. Her eye issues weren’t just because a kid had poked her in the ye-she had entropian, which is where the eyelashes turn inward and rub on and irritate the eyes. She also had cherry eye-that swollen looking red ball in the corner of her eye by her nose. The vet thought that Fergie’s skin issue was due to fleas and flea allergies. She had some medicated baths and has been on antibiotics. Poor Fergie has really been through the ringer. She has had far more than any one dog should have to endure! Yet, as we see all the time, she is the sweetest girl and LOVES people. These animals are so forgiving. They just want to be loved and give their love to someone.

Fergie’s babies are gone, her eyes are still healing (doing great!) and her skin is slowly getting better. She’s done her job as a mother and now it’s time for Fergie to experience the life she so deserves. If you can open your heart and your home to Fergie and want to show her the love and care that she’s never had, please consider her for adoption. It is the most gratifying thing to be able to be a part of watching a dog get pulled out of a hellhole and become a happy, healthy dog.

Thanks for keeping us out there!


4 Responses to “Fergie and Her Babies”

  1. Marlene Says:

    Is Fergie good with other dogs? What is her personality like now that she is feeling better?

    • chainofhope Says:

      Fergie is good with other dogs. Not sure about cats yet. She has a very sweet personality, getting more settled everyday. Starting to extend her leg some!

  2. Shirley Laffratmom56@hotmail.com Says:

    So glad you helped her Sweet baby

  3. sarah Says:

    hello my name is Sarah Wohlford and i just wanted to let you know that i was one of the people who adopted one of fergie puppies. her puppy’s name was Taylor but she has been renamed Abigail Hope. she has found a loving home with our family, and one of her Favorite pass times is to chase our two cats Bella and Maddie. she is thriving and growing by the day.

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