An Intervention

We were driving through the hood last Sunday and spotted two older puppies hanging out in a front yard. They didn’t look to be tethered or anything, so we stopped to see what was going on and the owners came out. They had Diamond, a black female puppy and Junior, a white and black male puppy. They were brother and sister, about 6 mo. old. They looked pretty good weight-wise. After talking with Sheila and Keith, we found out that they had gotten their puppies from a litter next door. That momma was out in the neighbor’s backyard on a chain. The puppies had all been given away. The momma, Baby, was a petite pit mix, super sweet. There was also a terrier mix chained up in the backyard. Boy, had we stopped at the right house because between the two of them, we had a lot of work to do.

We got everyone on collars and tie-out cables. We hung fly bags, put ear gel on them, gave them all water buckets, and set up their spay/neuter appts. Keith and Sheila told us that they were moving and they could only take one dog. They wanted to take Diamond with them (the black one!!) and they wondered if we could help them with Junior, the male puppy.

We picked them up on Friday a.m. and took them to STOPP animal clinic for their spay/neuter surgeries: Junior, Diamond and Baby, the momma dog next door. The other little terrier was already neutered. After their surgeries, I picked up the dogs and met Sheila and Keith to return Diamond to them (they had just moved that day). They held Diamond up to Junior so they could touch noses and say good-bye. They’d been best buddies their entire lives so far. Thank God they were relinquishing Junior to us, though, instead of taking him to the shelter.

I took Baby home, gave them a crate to keep her inside, and took Junior back to Chain of Hope. What a cutie! He was a little shy and scared at first, but with so many friends to play with at COH, he quickly began having lots of fun! He loved playing with Gracious, who could’ve been his twin! We were able to transfer Gracious and Junior to Wayside Waifs a few days later where they can find their forever home.

We will stay involved with Baby and the terrier that is there. Their conditions were marginal, so they will go on our monitoring list so we can keep our eye on them. At least now  Baby won’t sit back there on her tie-out getting pregnant year after year.  Thanks for keeping us out there!


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