Chain of Hope received several calls from various people about a dog that had been in a local animal shelter that was in very bad shape and the city gave it back to the owner. What we were told was that this dog had been taken from the owner due to neglect and that she was in horrible shape. Apparently some volunteers talked to staff and asked about getting the dog to a vet. The shelter agreed and a volunteer took the dog to a vet. While the volunteer had the dog, the shelter called her and told her to bring the dog back-the owner was there or had called and the shelter was returning the dog to the owner. Unbelievable! Some where along the way, I saw some pix of this dog and she was in pathetic shape.

I sent a couple of volunteers to the house to talk to the owner and check on the dog. Shirley and her son, Alex, drove up to the man’s house and talked to him for over an hour. The man was old and almost blind and he told our volunteers that he didn’t want the dog euthanized at the shelter. Shirley and Alex talked to the man about the condition of the dog, the fact that he was over-whelmed, poor, and truly unable to care for the dog. The man relinquished the dog to Chain of Hope and Shirley and Alex put her in the truck and brought her back to the House of Healing, Chain of Hope.

This poor girl, who the volunteers had named Grace and we are calling Gracie, was in horrible shape, as you can see. She was emaciated, only weighing 49 lbs. She appears to be a Pyrenees/Shep mix and she is a bag of bones. She has sarcoptic mange and she was crawling with fleas. Not sure what vet she had gone to, but they apparently did not treat her for fleas! We gave her a Capstar right away and the fleas were dead in 30 min. She was missing a lot of her hair and her skin was red and inflamed. Gracie was dehydrated, lethargic and we knew we had a battle to save this girl.

I got Gracie right over to the Humane Society of Greater KC-my heroes! They hit her with 3 different antibiotics, plus Promeris to treat the mange that we would apply the next day.

I brought Gracie back to Chain of Hope and Shirley and Alex gave her a medicated bath for her poor, irritated skin. We  took her upstairs and she immediately climbed up onto the bed that is there and curled up! She was safe, warm, clean and fed. Gracie is eating pretty well, taking her meds and seems to have a little more energy everyday. She has a very sweet spirit and seems grateful for everything we do for her. Our fight is on for Gracie and for now, Gracie appears to be winning!

Like I said, most of Gracie’s story was told to me by people involved with her case, who are very upset about this. I totally am in agreement that this dog should never have been given back to the owner. However, that is a battle for the group that is involved with this animal shelter, this city, and it’s policies. Chain of Hope’s role in this has been to save Gracie. That is what we are focusing on and that is what we are dedicated to doing. We must focus on the other animals out there that we have yet to find and just keep getting out there everyday. We will continue to respond to our many, many calls of animals in distress.

Whatever repercussions fall from this entire ordeal, hopefully because of all that is happening, this will not happen to anther Gracie in the future. I will keep you updated on this beautiful girl!

Traci came Sunday to pick up Gracie. Traci is such a wonderful foster mom. She nursed Crosby, an older greyhound that was in very bad shape, back to good health and he was recently placed into the most fantastic home in Lincoln, NE. Thank you, Traci, for stepping forward for Gracie. We know she’s in the best place possible!

Thanks for keeping us going-we are doing such important work!


4 Responses to “Gracie”

  1. Sarah Estlund Mullally Says:

    I am sickened, saddened, and gradually losing faith in humanity that this was allowed to proceed for so long and nothing was done about it until, of course, Chain of Hope stepped in. Shirley I can’t wait to meet your awesome son. Thank you two SO much for taking care of this poor baby. Kate, you’re awesome and amazing and never ever forget that. The work you do is imperative to this city and as word spreads, the nation and world.

  2. Sarah Mullally Says:

    Sickened, disgusted, heartbroken and losing faith in humanity this poor baby reached this emaciated and broken-spirited state while local animal control did nothing. Well that’s not surprising but this is an atrocity. Shirley and Alex you are angels. You have a special place in heaven. Kate, you are the reason this happens without you these animals have no hope. Chain of Hope is just the fucking bomb. Big ups to all of you for this rescue. I pray lil Gracie Girl is being loved and kissed and babied like she always deserved. Its the beginning for her now…

  3. Carol Coe Says:

    Just to add to this: actually, in this instance, Animal Control DID step in and take this dog away due to cruelty. It was the city who ordered that the dog be returned to her “owner” (the one who allowed her to reach this condition) after being held in the city shelter for 10 days. The word from the shelter was “we are not to judge”, and they handed the dog back to its abusive situation. That’s when the cry went out to Chain of Hope, who blessedly saved this dog. I hope Grace comes to know the kind and loving touch of people who care, and many blessings to her foster family, and to COH for this rescue. KCMO city government had the opportunity to save this dog – shelter volunteers had secured rescue for her – but they opted to return her to a situation where she would surely die. We need a non-profit group who understands true sheltering to take that place over. The city has zero business running that shelter, even for an interim period. When will they wake up and pull themselves out of the 19th century with their mentality toward animal care? I am so grateful that Grace is safe; what I obsess over are all the others who are not once they enter the gates of hell at 4400 Raytown Road.

  4. Dixie Says:

    Chain of Hope has truly found their ” Dog Healer” in Traci. She has be remarkable in taking care of these poor babies out there that have been abused or by someone unable to care for them anymore. Not enough can be said at the good work that Traci & Tammy have done. Thank you girls…..may god bless u both.

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