I first met Norman about 1 1/2 yrs. ago. We found him by going down an alley and there he sat, chained to a tree. He had a dog house and water. He was not underweight. He was so happy to see us and we just fixed him up with fly bags, ear gel, fly spray, food, etc. We put him on a tie-out cable, as opposed to his chain and we put him on our monitoring list.

I can’t tell you how happy Norman was every time he saw our truck come down that alley. He had friends! We were bringing pig ears and good food, etc. We would clean up all of the shit all around him because the owner would not do it. Despite our best efforts with the fly products, there were always flies all over. I knew that because he had a dog house and was not emaciated that animal control wouldn’t do anything about it.

We just visited Norman every 2-4 weeks and checked in on him. The owner had several small dogs inside, but Norman was just the forgotten, outside, chained-up dog like we encounter every single day.

After several months, Norman began getting thinner and thinner. Notice in the picture, that is dirt in his food bowl, not food. We would come by on a hot day and he would have no water. We would find him wrapped around all the tree branches that were everywhere, like in the pix. We knew he could not stay there much longer. The people were just not going to step up and do right by this dog.

We were finally able to make Norman a Chain of Hope dog and boy is he happy!! Norman loved having our big yard to run freely in and to have other dogs to be able to play with. He had good food, fresh water and lots of love. This boy is the MOST loving dog. He has so much love to give to someone. To think that he was just chained outside in the back-lonely, hungry and thirsty.

We recently transferred Norman to Wayside Waifs, where he will find his forever home. Whoever adopts Norman will be getting a fantastic dog!

There are so many “Normans” out there. Thanks for keeping us out there for the animals!


3 Responses to “Norman”

  1. dru Says:

    aww Norman……….how could they do this 2 u??? u’re such a wonderful boy…. i’m so happy u’ve been taken out of where u were…..i sure wish i could bring u home with me but i’ve already got 5 dogs n 7 cats~ALL rescues….i pray that somebody will take u home n LOVE u; TAKE CARE OF U for the rest of u’r life. ALL i can donate, precious 1 r my prayers n hopes for u……brightest blessings, precious 1… n hugs,

  2. Sarah Mullally Says:

    I had no idea Norman came from such squalor…guess I should’ve assumed it. What a sweet, beautiful and loving affectionate boy. So glad WW took him in. Would take him in a heartbeat. He is very special and deserves a special, loving home!

  3. Puck Says:

    excellent work

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