Chain of Hope received a call from a concerned neighbor about some cats that lived down the street, but were very poorly cared for. this neighbor had tried to feed them, etc. and watch out for them. She called Chain of Hope because one of the cats was very sick. She said it had pus coming out of it’s mouth, couldn’t eat, and was emaciated. She was very frustrated because she had made several phone calls trying to find help for this kitty, but no one would help her.

I jumped in the truck and headed over and saw the cat. It was definitely suffering and it looked terrible. It got up on the railing of the deck and I was able to scruff it and get it into a pet taxi. It looked absolutely terrible. I rushed the kitty over to the Humane Society of Greater KC immediately. This poor kitty was in very bad shape. They anaethesized it right away so that they could examine it without hurting it further.  It’s jaw was broken, it was truly emaciated. It hadn’t been able to eat because of it’s broken jaw and was basically starving to death. Unfortunately, we had to choose to put this cat out of it’s misery. It was in a lot of pain and the jaw was so badly broken that it wasn’t fixable. Dr. Taylor felt sure that it’s been hit by a car. We ended his suffering.

The majority of our calls are sad. For some reason, the hand full of volunteers that do outreach with me have learned to handle the emotions of it all. There are nights we cry and can’t fall asleep because of the suffering we’ve seen that day. But these women are strong women and we march on for the animals. Thank you for keeping us out there for these angels that need us so badly.


4 Responses to “Thomas”

  1. jennifer hague Says:

    How incredibly sad. I too, understand how you have to handle the emotions of what is seen in the rescue world. Thank you for being strong and continuing to fight for the animals.

  2. paige Says:

    May this sweet angel find comfort and eternal love in crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Thank You Chain of Hope and HSGKC for helping this angel find his way home.

  3. dru Says:

    awww, this wee boy brought tears 2 my eyes…thank u for taking care of Thomas n sending him over the Bridge….Thomas, u’re free now, precious 1…..

  4. Melisa Says:

    Thank you for taking care of this poor cat. It’s sad that he had to be put down but at least he is in a better place now and no longer suffering.

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