Charlie Update

Charlie is an older Shepherd that was left behind by animal control when they finally got over there and took the other two dogs. They left Charlie, who had lived on a chain his entire life, probably because he had shelter, albeit a piece of crap shelter. He lived in a filthy corner of the yard, he was very, very thin and had suffered a long time. We were able to make Charlie a Chain of Hope dog, only to find out that he has cancer and severe heart worms. The tips of his ears are gone from years of fly strike on them. Charlie needed somewhere to live out the rest of his life in the most comfort we can provide him. He is not in pain right now, but the vet feels that it is an aggressive cancer and it’s probably a matter of a couple of months maybe. He still has a good appetite-especially for canned food!

One of our incredible volunteers, Wendie Hood, offered to take Charlie home and give him a place to just lay out in the grass in the sunshine, which he loves to do!  Thank you Wendie for being strong enough to offer  hospice care for Charlie-what a blessing you are to Charlie! We thank  God for you. No doubt you will get the blessings back ten-fold from Charlie, as all of us dog lovers already know.

Please send prayers and good thoughts Wendie and Charlie’s way!


6 Responses to “Charlie Update”

  1. Sarah Mullally Says:

    Wendy I can’t believe we still haven’t met after all this time being at COH but let me tell you, Charlie has a very special place in my heart and YOU my dear friend and fellow animal lover now have a VERY special place in my heart for opening your home to him. You’re amazing, loving and generous and I cannot wait to meet you. Thank you for giving Charlie a loving home to live out his life. xoxo

  2. Linda Says:

    What a grateful, kind and sweet face Charlie has. I hope he has many days to enjoy what love really is. Thank you Wendy!

  3. Susan Jones Says:

    A truly beautiful and selfless gift, what an angel you are Wendie…

  4. Wendie Says:

    I’ll never be able to voice what an honor it is to have Charlie with us. One would never know the suffering he has endured by his playful smile and enduring spirit. What a joy he is to be around! Thanks to Kate for his rescue and for her gift of happiness to this sweet boy. At present, Charlie is eating like a pig. He enjoys fresh and abundant water and as Kate mentioned “canned food,” in addition to other goodies slipped to him from the table. He has the companionship of dogs Izzy and Betty and he’s getting lots of human affection. We look forward to many good days ahead. Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement. I’ll channel it through to Charlie – he knows he is loved.

  5. dru Says:

    keeping u in my thoughts n prayers, beautiful boy. i will have a wee blue healing candle lit for u… pleased u’re now in a happy home….Wendie, bless u…….brightest blessing, Charlie, for u n u’re new family. love n hugs,

  6. Ashley Says:

    I have had the pleasure of visiting Wendi’s dogs for the last couple of weeks. Her two senior girls are sweet, sweet dogs, but Charlie stands out among her 3 dogs, because he is such a lover! He can’t get enough scratches and pets. Every time I visit him he greats me with a smile and has a very welcoming demeanor. We are blessed to have people like Wendi in our world. Charlie is doing really well, and I believe will live a long life. 🙂

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