Emily and Babies


Volunteers ran across this beautiful German Shepherd chained up in the hood and very pregnant. The people said they didn’t know she was prego, although she’d already had 4 litters. In fact, they had her son from a previous litter chained up and he was even bigger than she is!

The volunteers talked to the owner about going ahead and getting her spayed. The owner said they’d think about it. A few days later, the owner called and said that Emily was “acting kind of weird” and they thought she was going into labor…..and, well, “we don’t really want her, you can just come and get her”. How very, very sad.

I immediately jumped in the SUV and ran over there to get Emily. They didn’t care about this dog at all. I loaded her up and got her back to Chain of Hope. That night, she went into labor! Emily was a very good mom and I didn’t have to help her at all really-unlike Millie before her! By Friday morning, she had had 7 puppies-all healthy and big and wonderful looking. Good job, Emily!

We took care of Emily and her babies and today, we transferred them to Wayside Waifs-thank you Wayside! They will all do just fine and will find their forever homes.

Thanks for keeping us out there!


One Response to “Emily and Babies”

  1. Sarah Mullally Says:

    SO GLAD WW took Emily and her babies…and one of the ‘widwives’ that helped deliver her babies I can assure everyone Emily is a sweet, sweet, sweet girl and incredible mama. She deserves an amazing home!!

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