Millie and Babies

We came across beautiful Millie in the hood and she was VERY pregnant. Although she was pregnant, we could see that aside from her huge belly, she was skin and bones. She was very, very thin, dehydrated and living on a chain.

We got her down to Chain of Hope and got her settled in. The next morning we took her over to the Humane Society of Greater KC for an evaluation for a spay. Although they have to terminate sometimes full-term pregnancies (the overpopulation tragedy is so very sad), they did not feel that they could spay Millie. She was in such poor shape that they didn’t think she’d wake up from the surgery. They also said that she could die in labor as well. We brought her back to Chain of Hope. We left about 6 p.m. and when I went back about 11 p.m., there was one dead puppy in the floor of her room. It was still in it’s sac-she hadn’t broken it open and gotten all of that stuff off of the puppy. It was so sad.

After I’d been there awhile, she walked around her room, dropped another one and walked away. She wasn’t getting the sac off of them and they could not breathe. I quickly grabbed the puppy and tore the sac off of it, tried to clear out it’s mucus and rubbed and rubbed it and very soon, it started crying-a blessed sound in this case!

She had two more puppies like that where she just dropped them and then didn’t tend to them. I had to tear the sacs off, get them breathing and cut the umbilical cords.

By the 4th puppy, she started doing her job and taking care of all of the puppies. It was a long, long night and she had 10 puppies! Unfortunately, 3 of them died. With the obvious poor nutrition that momma had had, I’m not surprised-she was in such bad shape herself. She even has a toe gone on her back foot. This poor girl had had a difficult life.  Someone did turn a one day old puppy into the Humane Society and they knew we had Millie who had just given birth, so I picked up that little one and put it on Millie and she has accepted it just fine. So…..Millie has 8 puppies on her and they are all doing very well. They are in a foster home (thanks, Eleanor and family!).

Thanks to all of you supporters of Chain of Hope, Millie and her 8 babies will all have wonderful lives.


4 Responses to “Millie and Babies”

  1. Linda Says:

    What a beautiful dog! Thank you for saving her and her puppies. Good job!


    add midwife to the feathers in your cap. way to go florence.

  3. Sarah Mullally Says:

    Eleanor THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for fostering Miss Millie and her pups!! God Bless you. She is such a sweet dog and after living a life of hell she (and her precious babies) definitely deserve a loving home.

  4. Jean Trickett Says:

    We were lucky enough to get one of Millie’s pups. We ended up with Milton – but his name is now Duke. He is the best dog and I can’t imagine not having him in our lives. He is 8 1/2 months old now and just under 90 pounds. Such a handsome boy! He is spoiled rotten and will never have to live the kind of life his mother did. Thank you for all you do!

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