Zeke has a really sad story. He was chained in a yard right on Paseo. His mother was chained, too. Before Chain of  Hope got involved, she had a litter of puppies while living on her chain. The people just had to keep one (they always do!). That puppy was Zeke. Zeke was growing up on a chain with a crappy wooden doghouse, but at least he had his mom back there with him. Lots of dealers, etc. were all over that area at night and one night, because she was barking at him, a drug dealer shot Zeke’s mother and killed her. Zeke saw the whole thing. He was traumatized.  Zeke lived a very solitary life now, being without his mom. He was shut down emotionally. We could not pet him or get close to him, he was scared to death. Most of the time when we were there, he would just hide in his doghouse. We would leave food and water and treats. Our hearts were breaking for this boy, he was so shut down. We’d go by in the summer and Zeke would have no water.  The owner was not very welcoming or receptive, but we would sneak by anyway and give Zeke treats and rawhides.We kept visiting him and getting him used to us and one day we were able to make Zeke a Chain of Hope dog.

Zeke would hide and slink around behind things, but we just gave him some space and time and treats and he started coming around. We had a wonderful foster mom step up for Zeke. She had a quiet, calm house, no other animals and she offered to take Zeke and help him heal his heart. She was wonderful with him and Zeke started thriving. He was heartworm positive, but we got him through that and were very thankful that he had a nice place to recover in Laura’s home.

As often happens, Laura became a “foster flunkie” and eventually adopted Zeke. She could not imagine him going anywhere!!! Zeke is so happy now and has gained confidence. Laura loves him and he loves her.

Thanks for keeping us going.


8 Responses to “Zeke”

  1. sandy price Says:

    Zeke. Bad beginning, happy ending. Chain of Hope is so appreciated.

  2. Cindy Baker Says:

    You guys are angels. Just absolute angels!!!!

  3. awaltz09 Says:

    I needed a good cry! THANK YOU! And thank you for all you do!!! Why do people keep dogs just to keep them on chains???? It’s sick. Thank you for being the healers! Zeke is a beauty!

  4. Andy Whiteman Says:

    Glad that Laura and Zeke are now a family! Zeke has a forever home which is what is important. I have my suspicions about what the original owner was doing.

    Anyone who chains a dog outside should be chained outside like a criminal.

  5. Sarah Mullally Says:

    My heart breaks for Zeke, Zeke’s mother and what Zeke saw in his tiny, abused, neglectful former life. God bless Laura for showing him love in his new life! Thank you Kate and COH outreach for getting all those helpless, abused and sad dogs off the streets, letting them into your ‘half-way home’ and finding them forever homes!

  6. Andy Whiteman Says:

    Anyone who chains a dog should not be allowed to own a dog! But there may be exceptions. Shortly after I adopted Red Dogg close to 5 years ago I discovered she could jump a 6 ft. fence. I bought light weight chains to total about 35 ft so she could run but took care to place the chain so she couldn’t wrap herself around a tree or reach the fence. She refused to allow me to chain her so we were to the point that she could go out only if supervised. Thank God, “NO,” worked when she wanted to jump. Finally I got the fence modified to prevent her jumping.

    There is an area near me with no fences so dog owners must chain the dog(s). At least there is a city ordinance requiring supervision of chained dogs.

  7. Sarah Mullally Says:

    Andy, having a dog on a tie-out periodically throughout the day is okay, however dogs are meant to be inside dogs. If owners take their dogs on a walk in the morning, at lunch, and in the evening (as we do) there is NO REASON to have a dog chained. Of course they will like to be outside and in that case, a tie-out is fine. Dogs are MEANT to be inside with their family.

  8. Andy Whiteman Says:

    Sarah, I agree but frequently it is not a tie-out periodically throughout the day but it is an all day, all night happening frequently with no food, now water, and no shelter. People who do this are NOT responsible owners. Every jurisdiction should have an ordinance regulation how and under what circumstances a dog may be chained. I was reluctant to resort to a chain when Red Dogg was jumping the fence. Fortunately she refused causing me to get the fence modified more quickly.

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