Remember Ben? He came to us deathly afraid, thin and his nose and eyes were all goopy and bloody. We couldn’t even touch Ben when we first got him to Chain of Hope. Look how much better he looks! Ben is still wary of people, but he is definitely getting better everyday. We can pet him and he loves to go outside in the backyard. He’s an awesome boy and a very handsome one, too!!

Look at little Harold. He was dirty, matted and sick when he came to us. He had diarrhea, he didn’t have a good appetite, he started vomiting. We had Harold back and forth to the vet a couple of times and now Harold is in a wonderful foster home! Ashley has done a great job with him. He looks and acts like a totally different dog. Harold is older and when we first rescued him, he was totally blind in one eye and had limited vision in the other. He struggled with being ill and when we had him back at the vet the following week, he had totally lost his vision in his other eye, too, so Harold is blind. However, he’s probably happier than he’s ever been in his life!

Remember the litter that we rescued and one of the little puppies had no feeling in his back end, legs or anything. He would drag around his lower half of his body when he needed to get somewhere. We didn’t think it was a very good prognosis, but we decided to give him some time and see what happened. Dr. Taylor has been fostering him and caring for him and he is doing so much better. I couldn’t get very good ‘after” pix, but she takes him to work with her and he gets all around the surgery prep room, etc. He is stronger everyday and using his back legs more and more.

We have many happy, success stories. Thanks for keeping us going!


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