This was  a very sad situation. We’d been familiar with this house for about 3 yrs. These people had a gross dog run in their backyard with 2 labs in it. There was what looked like an older shepherd up in the corner, next to the house. The place was disgusting. Every time it rained, the pen just filled up with water and there would be ponds in there. We had offered to spay/neuter their labs for free-there was a male and a female in the pen. The people were not very receptive, even though we  urged them to get their dogs fixed. We finally called animal control because these people were not open to any improvements in these animals’ lives whatsoever and these animals were truly neglected.  Animal control did nothing.

After all of that mess, we were not welcome at their house. Of course they put two and two together that we were the ones that had called, so they wouldn’t let us on their property. It’s a risk we take when we call animal control that they will do nothing and then we’ve pissed off the people and we aren’t welcome to come by and assist their animal. That is why it has to be a carefully weighed decision on when and if to call AC.
We would drive down the alley every few months. There was nothing we could do at this house but keep an eye on it. Eventually, of course, we pulled through the alley after not being there for quite awhile and there were puppies in that gross, muddy pen. I was so upset, but not surprised. If animal control had done their job, I would not be there looking at yet another entire litter of puppies in the hood.

We went on-there was nothing we could do. They weren’t over their limit-puppies don’t count. AC had already been out and said “no violations”. It sucked so bad. Those are the times that you lay there trying to fall asleep at night and think and think about those dogs and everything that’s gone down over there. How sad it all is.

We drove by a couple of months later on a very rainy early spring day. The yellow and black labs were chained to the fence outside of the pen. They had no shelter and were soaked to the bone. We took pictures and called animal control. I went by the next day and the dogs were gone. I assumed that AC had taken them, especially given their conditions in the nasty weather. I ran into the ACO the next day at the shelter and asked about the call. He said that he hadn’t taken the dogs, that he had given them a warning and that he was going back next week and check on them. The owner had been home and had talked his way through everything. I expressed my disappointment, but thanked him and urged him to follow up. We drove by the next couple of weeks and the labs were gone. I think that the ACO did go back and get them. We knew from driving down the alley all the time checking that the owner did nothing to improve the conditions for his dogs.

However, there stood Charlie, the old shepherd. They didn’t take him because he had his piece of shit doghouse. Poor Charlie. He always looked so sad when we would go by. The tips of his ears are gone from years of flies eating them in the summer. He is super skinny. For three years we’d been going by here, trying to intervene, checking on them and trying to quickly toss some treats or pig ears.

My daughter was with me one day when we went down the alley to check on Charlie. This is after the other two dogs were gone and only Charlie was back there. I sat in the alley with my camera on zoom trying to snap some pix of the poor dog. As I was looking through the camera, there was a big rat running around in Charlie’s area. It was disgusting and anyone who knows how I can’t handle rodents, knows that that was not a pleasant thing for me to see! Poor Charlie, living in filth.

We finally decided to make Charlie a Chain of Hope dog. He’s a little shy, but soaking up the love! He’s had a bath and he loves to run around the big backyard at Chain of Hope-thanks to all of you who “bought a board” for our new fence.

It is an awesome thing to see the new smile on Charlie’s face. He’s finally happy for maybe the first time in his life!  What a beautiful spirit he has, especially of resilience.  He had a horrible life for so long, but he hung in there until rescue came.

Thank you all for your support. It’s because of you that we can save dogs like Charlie and show them the world can be a good place and someone loves them! We would not be here for the animals without all of you, so thank you for your support. We’ll keep doing this work as long as you keep keeping us out there! Spread the word about Charlie-he could use a foster home!


One Response to “Charlie”

  1. Sarah Mullally Says:

    Charlie is awesome. His spirit reminds me of Bowie. He would make anyone so lucky to have him!

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