Starsky and Hutch

While driving through the hood on outreach the other day, Brittney and I came across this house. There was a white fluffy, 20 lb. dog tied up, a Jack Russell terrier tied up, 2 Chihuahuas in a wire crate, and these two blk/wh puppies. We pulled over to talk with the owner, who was outside with her little boy. She did not speak very much English, but we have literature printed in Spanish, so we were able to communicate with her.  A lot of times, the people tell us that they don’t speak English, but they really understand more than we think. Once I counted all of her dogs, I told her that she can only have 4 dogs in Kansas City. She hesitated, pointed to both of the puppies and said “for you”. She understood that!

We loaded up the puppies, which Brittney named Starsky and Hutch (adorable)! The momma is the white, small dog and the daddy is the Jack Russell terrier mix. These are going to be small dogs!! There were only 2 in the litter. We explained spaying/neutering and we are going to help get the rest of the animals at this house fixed. Also, we will be assisting with the shelter situation.

Starsky and Hutch are staying at Chain of Hope right now. If you know anyone interested in adopting a puppy (or two!) that will be small dogs, let them know about Starsky and Hutch! They can fill out an adoption application on our website, under “Adoptions”.

Thank you for your support!


One Response to “Starsky and Hutch”

  1. Sarah Mullally Says:

    love these pics, they’re precious! The first one of Brittney holding the boys in the door of the van, and the one of the backs of the boys. So cute!!

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