We’re Still Watching You

About 3-4 yrs. ago, I had a severe neglect case in mid-town. The pix I still have from there are old, but I wanted to show you what we were dealing with back then. We discovered a house in the hood with two shepherd mixes chained. One had a really terrible piece of shit wooden doghouse and one had a muddy pet taxi. The dogs were very, very thin. There was no food, no water. It was really muddy in their area. One of the dogs’ ears was missing! Totally gone, you can see in the picture. They looked so sad. The owner was not receptive and the backyard that they were in was fenced, plus they were on their chains inside of there. This really limited what else we could see, but we knew that we were calling this into animal control.

Animal control ended up impounding the dogs and issuing citations. What was discovered after animal control got in there was that both of the dogs had severely embedded collars in their necks. They were infected and bloody. These dogs were in very bad shape. It just so happens that Nancy Campbell from German Shepherd Rescue was at animal control that day when the ACO brought in these two shepherds. They were taking them straight back to the back room to euthanize them. Nancy talked them into letting her take them and get them treatment, and truly saved their lives. Thanks, Nancy, from the bottom of everyone’s hearts!

Nancy spent a couple of thousand dollars on these guys: they both needed neck surgeries, both needed heartworm treatment, antibiotics, pain meds, vaccinations, neuter, etc. We went to court the day the owner appeared and the judge gave him a $100 fine. That’s it. Disgusting and disappointing. And people wonder why this stuff keeps happening! These people know they’re just going to get a slap on the hand. To think of all the pain and suffering these boys endured and this asshole gets a $100 fine.

Nancy named these boys  Marco and Polo and they both were eventually adopted into wonderful homes!

So, I’ve monitored this house for these past 3-4 yrs ’cause that’s what I do! I drive by quite often, checking to make sure he hasn’t gotten another dog. Lo and behold, a couple of weeks ago, I drive by and there’s a Rottie mix, chained to a tree stump. He had the ratty old pet taxi that the other dog had suffered in. He had bowls out there. I decided to drive by everyday and monitor to make sure he really was out there all the time. I already knew he was, but I have to be accurate when I call animal control, so that our calls will be taken seriously. I drove by the next day and it was raining. There was the rottie mix chained to the tree with no shelter. The pet taxi was clear across the yard, no way that he could even reach that. Not that it would help him in the rain anyway with the holes in it.

I called it into animal control and received my confirmation number. I called the next morning to see what the results were and I was told that “there were no violations”. Really? Were they not looking at the same dogs that I was? It was another thunder-storming day the day I called to check. I put it on my outreach list to get over there and see what was up. By the time I got over there it was late afternoon and there was the dog, sitting in the rain. It was after 5:00 pm so I knew I couldn’t get the director of animal control. I ended up calling a friend on the police department and she immediately sent a police car and animal control over there. Animal control impounded the dog, and I believe issued citations. This dog was headed for the same damn thing that Marco and Polo barely lived through.

This is why Chain of Hope is different. We continue to monitor the animals we come across that are at high risk and we check up on them. We watch a lot of houses for everything from dog fighting to breeding to neglect and abuse, to seeing if a bad pet owner gets another animal, like in this case. We don’t forget about these babies.

Thanks for keeping us out there!


6 Responses to “We’re Still Watching You”

  1. Courtney Says:

    You are truly amazing! I thank you for the ones who have no voice…the innocent animals.

  2. jeanne Says:

    THANK YOU for your good hearts and persistence!

  3. Andy Whiteman Says:

    People like that never should be allowed to own another dog!

  4. Sebastian Says:

    Thanks for keeping up the fight, Ms. Kate!

  5. Linda Says:

    Good job!!! I am sending you more money. I love you guys. I love your no bull shit attitude.

  6. Sarah Mullally Says:

    Linda I love your comment! Kate I love you so much and all you do for those poor, defenseless animals. Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart and Max’s heart too! These pieces of shit should NEVER EVER EVER be allowed to own another dog again. I hope you get that Rottie mix away from them. Stupid animal control. DISLIKE!!

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