Poor little Penelope was living tied to the fence with a muddy pink leash. She was missing lots of hair on her back and her tail. She was skinny and had mats in her eyes. Her food was in a big rubbermaid container, her water was in a cut off milk container. Penelope weighs about 5 lbs. and she was living outside like this 24/7.

Once we got Penelope back to Chain of Hope, she was so happy!! She totally soaked up the love and attention. She got a medicated bath and good food and she really probably thought she’d died and gone to heaven! She has a great little personality, doesn’t bark very much and is a real sweetie. After several days of getting her on her feet, we were able to transfer Penelope over to Furry Kids Refuge rescue group and they are taking excellent care of her and will find her a fantastic home, no doubt.

Let’s just say that nothing shocks us anymore. It is unbelieveable what people do to animals. That is why we need to be out there doing this important work. Thanks for keeping us going!


3 Responses to “Penelope”

  1. LOIS GORMAN Says:

    I’m so glad you found her. She looks so sweet. I just don’t know how people can be so uncaring and mean to animals.

  2. mandi Says:

    What kind of dog is she? Reminds me of my westie…

  3. Linda Says:

    I love you guys and what you do for dogs!!!

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