We became aware of Polly and her situation by an anonymous caller. They said that there was an adult pit bull chained, a Pekingese mix tied up with a leash and a pit bull puppy on a tow chain. We went over and it was just as they said. This was in the winter and it was pretty cold out. When we into the adjacent yard to have a look and tossed some treats to the Pekingese mix, she was so scared she had diarrhea all up the side of the house where she was tied up with a leash. The pit puppy was chained on a tow chain and she had a blanket across the front of the box-thing she had for shelter-hardly adequate, especially in the winter. This little baby was only about 3 mo. old and she was being kept in horrible conditions. The adult pit had a doghouse and he was neutered, surprisingly so.

We thought this situation warranted a call to animal control, so we called it in. When I called the next day to check on things, they said they found no violations. Frustrating! We kept monitoring and one eve. when I went by and it was really cold and getting snowy, all three dogs were back there. I called animal control again. This time they went out and told the people to bring the dogs into the house because the weather was getting really bad. That lasted about 1 day and the two pits were right back out there. The people started keeping the Pekingese in the house, or on the back porch or something. All we could see was the leash going into the door of the back porch. I don’t know if she was still on it or if they brought her in and let her loose.

Many more cold, snowy days came and we could not stop thinking about these animals, especially the pit puppy. She was just a baby and lived chained to a cinder block.

We were able to make the pit puppy a Chain of Hope puppy and we named her Polly. She was finally out of that terrible situation. Chain of Hope got Polly into a foster home for a couple of months and got her vetted and she was soon adopted by Amber, who adores her.

Look at the change in Polly! She now has a happy life. We still monitor this house and Pekingese has not been out there. The adult pit is still there living on his chain, like so many other pit bulls in this city. It’s sad, but we just do what we can.

Thanks for keeping us out there!


2 Responses to “Polly”

  1. Andy Whiteman Says:

    The so called “people” should be chained outside in the cold so they will have some idea how the dogs felt!

  2. Amber Says:

    Everytime I read this, I just get madder and madder. Polly is my sweet angel and I hate that her life had to start the way it did! But I am thankful for COH because now my little girl is happy and healthy and never goes a day without love and kisses!

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