Chain of Hope received a call from a meter reader about a poor little matted dog that is kept outside 24/7. She said she’s noticed it for months and it just looked worse and worse. We went over and found this poor little poodle mix and he was a mess. An old man had him and said that the dog was old and the volunteers wondered if the dog had to be euthanized. We got him back down to Chain of Hope and made him comfortable in one of the rooms. He is skin and bones and scared. I took him to the Humane Society of Greater KC the next day and they had to knock him out to shave him, clean his ears, etc. They went ahead and neutered him since he was under anyway. We named him Harold and he is as sweet as can be.

Harold needs some TLC. He’s had a hard life. He really enjoyed his McDonald’s scrambled eggs the other morning! We are determined to give him a few happy years. Thanks for keeping us out there!

Thanks for keeping us out there.


One Response to “Harold”

  1. Ashley Vogelaar Says:

    Sarah and I checked on Harold last night before we left and he was literally cozied up in a blanket on his carpet in front of his space heater…just like a little old grandpa! What a cute little nugget!

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