Marie and Her Kids

Some of the volunteers were in KCK on Sunday. While handling another call down the street, they noticed a couple of kids on the corner and they each had about an 8 week old puppy under their arms, just kind of swinging them around, etc. The volunteers went down to see what was up.
The kids said they had just gotten them and they were selling them for $10 each. The girls asked them where they got them and they said that there were a lot of them and one of them can’t walk. The girls made the kids take them to where they got them and sure enough, there was one little puppy that could not use his back end at all. He was just dragging his back legs. The situation was overwhelming and the puppies were dehydrated and skinny. The people said they didn’t want any of them, so the girls took the two that they’d first come across and the one that couldn’t walk and headed back to Chain of Hope. They told the people that they’d be in touch about the rest of the litter.

They brought them to Chain of Hope and they next morning, I took the little puppy to the Humane Society of Greater KC. Dr. Taylor examined him and I could tell it wasn’t good. He didn’t seem to have any feeling in there. I asked her if it was pretty bad and she said yes. She also kept holding and cuddling the little guy. She pulled out some scissor/pincher things and went way up between his toes and pinched him and he cried just a little. He had some pain sensation! Dr. Taylor had a small smile on her face and I said “Glimmer?” (meaning is there a glimmer of hope?) and she said “Glimmer”. I was so glad that this little guy had a chance! He was such a little baby and had already been through so much. Dr. Taylor felt like some kind of trauma had happened to him, whether he was thrown, he fell, was stepped on or whatever. She finally looked up at me and said “why don’t you just let me have him for a few days and see what we can do?”.  How wonderful!!! The vet was taking him home. I will try and keep you posted as to how he is doing.

Wayside Waifs said that they would take the entire litter, so the volunteers went back yesterday and got the remaining 5 puppies. Thank goodness they hadn’t given any more away!! While they were there getting the puppies, the owner said that they didn’t want the momma either. The momma is very sweet. We’ve named her Marie and she has the cutest bobbed tail. Wayside said that they will take her in two weeks after her milk dries up.

Thanks for supporting us so that we can help families like these! They all made it out of the hood-thanks for keeping us out there!


One Response to “Marie and Her Kids”

  1. andrea Says:

    What a great story of hope! So glad you were able to get them all!!! Thank you for all YOU do!

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