Gentle Ben

We first met Samuel about 3 yrs. ago. We were going down an alley in midtown and came upon a fenced yard with about 8 big, mixed breed dogs and puppies. They looked pretty good weight-wise and there was an enormous wooden doghouse in the yard with hay in it. We went around to the front and knocked on the door and that is the day that we met Samuel. Samuel is an older black man who is mentally challenged and poor.  He had good intentions (taking in  strays, etc.), but he didn’t understand about spaying and neutering-none of them were fixed.

I brought all of his dogs in for spay/neuter and got every one of them fixed. We helped him out with food, fly bags, straw, etc. Yes, he was over his limit, but they were in pretty good shape, were now all spayed/neutered and they weren’t on chains-they were free in a fenced yard. They were also larger, mixed breed dogs that most likely would not get adopted anywhere else. Better to keep them there and help this man.  We felt like we could help Samuel maintain the group he had and that’s what we did for quite awhile. We didn’t always get over there as often as we’d like, but we did drop by with food now and then.

The last time the volunteers went by, they came back and told me that one of the dogs had a giant tumor hanging down off of her, and another dog had what they thought was entropian (eyelashes turning inward). This past week, I sent the volunteers over to get both of these dogs and get them to the Humane Society for treatment. Sadly, when they got the tumor dog in there, there were actually two tumors hanging down and one of them had ruptured. The dog was about 8 yrs. old and we had to euthanize the poor girl. May you know only joy from now on, little girl.

The dog with the eye problem we’ve named Gentle Ben. He is an adorable Shep mix and he is pretty unsocialized. He has never growled, he just hasn’t had any human contact other than Samuel. Our volunteer had to carry him into the Humane Society and back out and down to Chain of Hope. They think that Ben has an auto-immune disease. His eyes were very gunky and infected and his nose is terrible-it looks like it is peeling off. We have him set up in his own room here at Chain of Hope while we are medicating him. He allows me to put eye drops in his eyes with no problem. He is the sweetest, most gentle boy. Gentle Ben would very much benefit from a foster home. We want so badly for him to start feeling better and to learn to enjoy life. It was almost his good fortune to get sick, because he was able to be plucked out of the mess and given a chance at a happy, normal life. We want him sleeping on a sofa!

If you’d like to truly help transform this gentle soul, please fill out a foster application on our website under “Adoptions”. There is nothing like the joy you feel when you’ve helped a dog that is shut down emotionally just blossom and begin to know happiness and comfort.

Thanks for keeping us out there!


3 Responses to “Gentle Ben”

  1. andrea Says:

    What a sweet boy. He has soulful, but sad eyes. I have no doubt, once given plenty of love and attention, he will perk up in no time. You do wonderful work Chain of Hope. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Sarah Mullally Says:

    Gentle Ben has quickly bonded to one of the volunteers, Melissa, and I have no doubt he will come around with lots of love and patience. He is such a handsome boy!!

  3. Melissa McMillin Says:

    He doesn’t have sad eyes now. He got a bath this week and he is doing so much better! He’s such a wonderful dog and I’m sure he will come around very soon!

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