Chained, Giving Birth, and Starving

This group of dogs had suffered for a long time. There were two females, one male, and a litter of puppies that had just been born. All of the adults were chained outside 24/7. They were literally starving. The other female was pregnant. One of our volunteers went over to take some food and see what was going on over at this house. They talked the owner into getting the other dog spayed and made arrangements to pick her up the next morning. It’s very sad, but there so didn’t need to be two litters of puppies in this hellhole. The volunteer went the next morning to pick up the other momma dog and she had gone into labor the night before and had 3 puppies.

Both of these females were raped on the end of their chains, gave birth on the end of their chains, and were trying to care for their babies while on a chain. The adult dogs were always hungry. I don’t know how these mommas were even able to make milk for their babies. This was a few weeks ago and it was still cold out. There was no straw left in their houses, which were old wooden, crappy houses in the first place. They were all cold and hungry. All of the adult dogs were only about 20-25 lbs. They were small dogs that were trying to make it outside on their chains with very little food.

Volunteers went over about 3 weeks later and the mommas were bony thin and absolutely starving. They looked in the doghouses to check on the puppies and one of the puppies was laying in the doghouse dead. They told the older kid that came out that one of the puppies was dead and he said “well, get it out of there”. Our volunteer told him to get it out himself, which he did, and then proceeded to dig a hole in the yard right there and then and bury it. What a sad, sad situation. We knew we had to do something or all of these babies were going to die.

We were able to make this entire family Chain of Hope dogs finally and we brought them down to our house. You can’t really tell from the pictures, but they were very thin and ate like they hadn’t eaten in days. The mommas had VERY little milk and the puppies were starving as well. They just attacked the gruel that we made for them. All of the adults were food aggressive at first, of course. I had to put the male in a crate at feeding time or they would all get upset. When he was in the pet taxi eating, his little tail would just thump and thump against the side of the pet taxi, so I named him Thumper! He was adorable as well. He and one of the momma dogs were sister and brother and he was no doubt involved in the creating of these litters. What a mess this was in that backyard.

Thank goodness, Wayside Waifs stepped up a couple of days later to help us and they took all of this family into their private shelter. The puppies and mommas have been together in puppy quarantine where it is quieter. The puppies have a couple of weeks left before they can go up for adoption. Thumper is on the adoption floor.

All of these dogs and puppies needed to get out of that horrible backyard. Thanks for keeping us out there!!! It is important work we are doing and we’re always getting out there to it thanks to your support!


One Response to “Chained, Giving Birth, and Starving”

  1. Cyndi Says:

    Thanks for all your hard work. They all have a chance now at a good life! I think of my baby (6 year old baby) and he was born in a backyard and kept outside. It just happened that a neighbor of theirs took an interest and adopted his sister and showed me him. I was in love right away and he is my baby. Got him at 4 weeks old and would be lost. I think of how differently his life could’ve been. I hope the owners of that backyard of despair won’t get anymore dogs anytime soon or until they can properly care for them.

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