I actually brought Bowie in about 2 yrs. ago and had him neutered and vaccinated. His owner kept him tied up to a tree. We got Bowie on a collar, a tie-out cable and provided him with a better doghouse. We began educating the owner and monitoring things with Bowie. The owner really stepped up for awhile. We would find clean water when we went and Bowie would look good. After about a yr. or so, Bowie started looking thinner. We de-wormed him, talked to the owner about how much food and how often he was feeding him, etc. Yet, every time we went, Bowie would just look so thin. We were worried about him.

We also began going over there to find the owner drunk. It got so that every time we went, he was drunk. It became obvious that this guy could not take care of Bowie. Once we were able to make Bowie a Chain of Hope dog, his life began turning around. The poor boy only weighed 40 lbs. when we got him down here and he was scared to death. You can see it in his face in the first pictures I took of him.

Day by day, Bowie is progressing and becoming more confident. He is not as scared now and he plays with the other dogs very well. He is enjoying having other dogs to play with after his solitary life on the tie-out cable. He discovered squeaky toys and he LOVES them! He runs with them in the backyard, squeaking them as he goes! It has been our pleasure to watch Bowie flourish. He is more comfortable now and would really benefit from a foster home, or of course, his forever home.

Thank you for your support so that we can save the Bowies out there!


2 Responses to “Bowie”

  1. sandy Says:

    As someone who treats my dogs better than I treat myself, I find it so sad to see a dog treated the way Bowie was treated. He’s so lucky you found him.

  2. Sarah Mullally Says:

    I love Bowie! He is such a good, sweet boy! He loves playing ball, being petted and just getting affection. He would make the perfect pet for someone!!

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