Marlan’s Chair

Many of you not only remember Marlan, a lot of you have met Marlan.  Marlan’s story is in an earlier blog, but he is a 9 yr. old pit bull who lived with a tow chain wrapped around his neck and the other end around a tree.  He is totally blind, his owners didn’t even know he was blind (paid no attention to him whatsoever). His doghouse was full of snow and it was very cold out the day we found him. It was a terrible situation and Marlan (as we named him later) had suffered horribly. Marlan is the Chain of Hope mascot. He lives at Chain of Hope, hanging out in my office. We have a recliner someone donated in my office and Marlan has claimed it as his. He lays in it all the time and sleeps in there and snores. We have the chain that Marlan was imprisoned and neglected on hanging in my office-chain, padlocks, keys and all. Disgusting. People need to meet Marlan and see the chain that he was forgotten on.  Although it is not the heaviest chain we’ve ever taken off of a dog, it is totally nasty and represents why we get out there everyday.

Every once in a while when Marlan goes out and investigates the rest of the house, another dog will sneak into my office and get into Marlan’s chair. We’ve caught Libby snoozing in it a couple of days and we had an old Beagle that got in there every chance he got! Marlan shares, though-he doesn’t get too upset. He just tries to go ahead and jump up in his chair anyway, which usually makes whoever is in it move!

Marlan has recently begun jumping over the gate that was keeping him in my office. Now we have another problem to solve. He is a determined dog, that’s for sure! That’s why he survived out there, I know.

Anyway, I just wanted to update you all on old Marlan. He’s doing just fine and will start his heartworm treatment soon. I thank God that Brittney and I saw him that day. He has totally enriched everyone’s life who has met him.

Thanks for your continued support!


5 Responses to “Marlan’s Chair”

  1. Sharon McKinney Says:

    Glad you rescued poor Marlan. Someone ought to put the people that did this to him in the same situation, padlock them & forget them.

  2. Andy Whiteman Says:

    Glad to hear how well Marlan is doing! Whoever chained Marlan should be chained so they know what it is like.

    It is against ordinance in Raytown to tether a dog unless the dog is supervised. A dog may NOT be tethered in the FRONT yard unless a person 18 or older is physically present. If this had happened in Raytown, the owner could have been cited.

  3. Norita Says:

    I just remembered that the one dog I have owned (I am a cat person, lol) once lived tied to a tree. The owners lived in Raytown, not a slum or dump and were well educated, middle class, clean house, etc., but the father didn’t want the daughter to have the dog (given as a puppy from a well meaning boyfriend) and so he made her keep it outside where they had no fence.

    A neighbor had called animal control (per above ordinance!) and so the father wanted daughter to take the dog to a shelter. I agreed to be what I now know to be called a foster home, which turned into ten+ years, LOL.

  4. Paige M Says:

    LOVE these pictures! Thanks for posting updates on the blog! It always warms my heart to see these dogs finally enjoying life thanks to all of you at Chain of Hope!

  5. Heather Watt Says:

    Love him!!! I have a rescue pitty who looks like Marlan. God Bless you for getting him out of the snow!

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