Little Lacy lived with a tow chain around her neck, outside 24/7, with never enough to eat. She was scared to death and would run into her doghouse when we came closer. She’d had a couple of litters of puppies out there. We were finally able to get her from the owner and she was so scared that she would whip around to snap if we tried to get hold of her collar or anything like that. We just gave Lacy her space and let her adjust. She followed the lead of the other dogs and learned the routine around Chain of Hope.

Lacy has turned into the most delightful girl! She is very sweet and has learned that no one is going to hurt her ever again. She loves to greet everyone that comes into Chain of Hope. She will immediately roll over on her belly for her belly rub! Lacy looks like a miniature yellow lab. She only weighs about 35-40 lbs. She’s pretty much house trained and will go on the newspaper when she has to. Lacy gets along with all of the other dogs here. She has put on weight and gained some confidence.

When Lacy first came in and was kind of unsocialized and growly, I thought what I always think when I see a dog like her. Any dog that has had to endure a life on a heavy chain with very little food and water has every right to be angry. How could/should they not be angry? Look at how they’ve been treated, how they’ve been forced to live, how they do not know a kind word or a soft touch. I’d be angry, too! Yet, time and time again, these dogs still love people. They are so forgiving and love us so unconditionally. We all could learn a lot from them.

Thanks for keeping us out there!


One Response to “Lacy”

  1. Hannah Says:

    So glad I got to meet Lacy today. She is such a sweet girl. All she needed was some lovin’!

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