Kenny suffered for a long time. He was very emaciated when we first came across him. He just had a tow chain wrapped around his neck. We got him on a collar and a gave him a tie-out. The owners were really not receptive to anything-they pretty much never came out and did anything with him. He was chained to the far back fence of the backyard-obviously too far for them to walk back there and feed him. So frustrating. After the owners failed to step up, we were finally able to make Kenny a Chain of Hope dog. What a sweet, blessed soul Kenny was! We all fell in love with him-how couldn’t we?  He had the most soulful brown eyes that just melted our hearts. He also had some kind of injury to his back foot and was missing all of his toes but one. Kenny clearly had suffered much in his life. We were so thankful to be able to intervene and finally show Kenny what love really is.

Kenny was with us for quite awhile as he healed and got to feeling better. He boarded out at our boarding place for several weeks and the Chain of Hope dog walkers took excellent care of him and showed him the love and care that he’d never had. Eventually we were able to transfer Kenny to Wayside Waifs where he was finally adopted into a wonderful home. We love our relationship with Wayside Waifs and have been able to save many, many dogs with their help. Thank you, Wayside!

Thank you so much to all of our supporters. We could not be out there without all of you behind us! Thanks for keeping us out there.


One Response to “Kenny”

  1. lauren p Says:

    i was at work at wayside the day kenny and kevin came in. i work on dog adoptions (on comfort crew) so it makes it difficult to get over to the other side, dog holding, and see any new babies that came in. well, kenny was my baby. from the minute i saw him, i fell in love. now, i’m a HUGE beagle advocate, well any hound that is…pointer, coonhound, bassett, you name it! I love my BEAGS! but kenny wasn’t a beagle, he was a shepherd mix of some sort. he was terrified of being in the kennel, so i would take him out several times a day to potty and to get used to human touch. i did this with kevin too as i would take him to the dog park and never have i ever seen a dog LOVE snow as much as kevin did! kenny thought the snow to be quite cold on his poor deformed left back foot-often hopping off of it. kenny warmed up to me and soon was thrilled when i approached his kennel with the leash. he eventually moved to the DA side where he instantly was a staff favorite. but i still want people to know he was my baby first 😉 i spoiled kenny rotten, as i do with all of my babies, but kenny got EXTRA love!! he’d get a big bed, top of the line toys, and a couple peanut butter kongs a day 🙂 kenny was a long-termer at wayside and i had shown him to people who didn’t fit the family type kenny needed. until his forever home came in, a young girl my age-24ish- who fell in love with him…her name….was lauren. this could not have been more of a sign of fate than ever! i always did the meet and greets with kenny because i HAD to approve and see his potential family. lauren was everything kenny needed and more. she was so sweet and looking for a dog to actually “be with her” while she worked outside on a farm (i believe)…to be her baby at home snuggled in bed, and to protect her…kenny could definately do these things i told her! her demeanor and the way she was so interested in his past made me feel like she genuinely cared for kenny. i told her he knows his name and can sit….and informed her that he would need some time to come around. after discussing everything about him, she called her mom because she was so excited…i thought this is soooooo PERFECT! i cried when he left…actually i BAWLED my eyes out!! i havent heard of any updates on kenny, but i hope he is happier than ever and knows that i, as well as wayside, love and miss him dearly. thank you chain of hope for all you do!! you are amazing and I want to help any way that I can! ❤

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