Meet Crosby, the most wonderful Greyhound! Chain of Hope received a call regarding an emaciated Greyhound, outside 24/7 with no shelter.   This was back when it was super cold. A couple of volunteers went over to check on him, and sweet old Crosby came crawling out from under a deck-that’s all he had. He was absolutely starving, he was older and he was freezing-shaking and shaking. It was 10 degrees out and we still don’t know how this dog hung on until he could be rescued. He has a strong will to live, that’s for sure.

We brought him down to Chain of Hope and got him settled in. All he wanted to do was sleep on his dog bed and wake up and eat and then go back to sleep. We got him into the Humane Society of Greater KC to have him him checked over. He only weighed 60 lbs., he was about 9 yrs. old,  he was heartworm positive and he was in bad shape.

We had a wonderful foster step up for Crosby. Traci had fostered Jasper, a shepherd that we had rescued, who was in bad shape as well. She did a phenomenal job, as all of our fosters do! We are SO appreciative of our foster people. It makes all the difference to these dogs to get into a foster home and learn how to be a happy dog. Traci is in love with Crosby and he is blossoming under her care and love. He has gained 20 lbs., had his first heartworm treatment and is doing fantastic. What a wonderful life this old man is finally having. He so deserves it. He has tatoos in his ears from a race track somewhere along the way. What a hard life he has lived. But no more! Traci is making sure of that. Crosby is living the good life now. He still loves to lay on his dog bed and chill. Exactly what he should be doing! Please fill out a foster application on our website under “Adoptions” if you would like to transform one of our babies. We have several dogs that could use foster care right now.

I don’t think Crosby would’ve made it through the winter if we hadn’t gotten that call. Thank God for the people that keep their eyes open out there and know to call Chain of Hope. Thanks for keeping us out there!


10 Responses to “Crosby”

  1. Linda Says:

    The first picture looks like a dead dog. The after pictures look like a very happy dog. Thank you for saving him and sharing his story.

    • Staci S Says:

      You guys at Chain of Hope are amazing. This poor dog finally gets to live out the rest of this years in peace.

  2. Sharon Says:

    Traci is my personal friend, and I know how much she loves and cares for your foster “children”, and Mr. Crosby has been very special to her from day one. Looking at the photos, after hearing his story, brought tears to my eyes. I’m blessed to know such a warm heart, and so was Mr. Crosby!

    • Traci Says:

      Its happy tears. Chain of Hope is pretty amazing and I am happy to be one of the links of this organization. Love getting the innocent creatures back to health and learn to be dogs then see them get in a wonderful forever home that they deserve to be in.

    • Shari Says:

      Sharon, that was so touching of you to share!! :’) Thanks!

  3. Lois Gorman Says:


  4. dru Says:

    bless u, beautiful boy…’s hoping the rest of u’r life is wonderful, full of love n care………….hugs,

  5. Traci Says:

    Crosby is absolutely a dream and his forever home will be blessed to have Crosby. He just loves to watch TV, eat and relax on his dog bed……there is never a bad day with Crosby looking out the window waiting for me to come home from work.

  6. Marlene Says:

    I read about Crosby and it just snagged my heart. My first “big” dog was a boarder collie Golden Rev. mix he was “older” and suppose to be a retired ranch dog…He was thin, like Crosby, and there was a look in his eyes, it was pure HOPE…and so I took Judge Dog home…he put on weight, put on personality…it was very clear he had been beaten and mistreated, but the love we showed him, he grew to be an out standing dog…I lost Judge Dog at the ripe age of 17 years…back in 06…Crosby has that look of HOPE in his eyes…and I would love to meet him…Hope he will be there tomorrow at Petco…

  7. Traci Says:

    Crosby is doing wonderful and loves to relax and eat. There is NEVER a bad day when you have that wonderful face looking out the window waiting for you to come home. Once he sees you be assured that he will be meeting you at the door to welcome you home when you walk in. Only barks when he needs to go outside. He is pretty amazing and spoiled.

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