Minnie and Family


Outreach volunteers were out in the hood one day when they met a guy that had two of his own dogs on chains, who he happened to not want anymore (go figure). He also told the volunteers that the people next door had up and moved and left a momma Rottie mix and her 7 very young puppies. This guy cared enough to go get them and bring them over to his house. He had them in his laundry room, but was overwhelmed. He didn’t even want the dogs he had, but at least he had a heart to not let this momma and babies starve behind a now abandoned house. The volunteers called me and asked if we could possibly take them for him and I said yes- bring them in. The puppies’ eyes weren’t even open yet. They were only about a week old and they were beautiful. Momma was very scared and worried about her babies. We got them settled at Chain of Hope for the night and the very next day Wayside Waifs was able to take them. They placed them in a foster home and they stayed there for a couple of months. I kind of forgot about them since it seems we constantly have a crisis to deal with.

A couple of weeks ago, Minnie (as Wayside had named her) and her little family came back to Wayside for adoption. After a couple of days, Wayside called and said that Minnie was very frightened in the shelter and was growling at them at times. She was overwhelmed. I told Sarah that I would come and get her, which I did and I brought her down to Chain of Hope. Minnie was pretty shy, poor thing. To be abandoned in the first place with tiny babies, go to foster care, then have her puppies finally taken from her and finding herself back in a shelter environment. It was too much for her. We just gave her time and let her come up to us on her terms. I think you can see by the latest pictures that Minnie is now a happy, pretty confident girl. She loves affection, plays well with the other dogs, and loves to flip her bowls in the air and push them around the floor. She’s a hoot and we have thoroughly enjoyed her. It has been such a pleasure to watch Minnie just blossom and learn that the world can be a good place. She is such a good girl. Minnie is young and is now spayed. Give us a call or fill out a foster or adoption application for Minnie on our website under “Adoptions”. Spread the word about this wonderful girl!

Thanks for keeping us out there!


One Response to “Minnie and Family”

  1. Linda Says:

    She is such a pretty girl! I love Rotties so much. They are such clowns and also very nosy. I have had 2 before that died at 10 and 12 years old. I have one now that will be 8 this summer. They are one of my favorite breeds along with Pit Bulls. So misunderstood by the doggie dumb people.
    All my dogs are and have been rescue dogs. I have a very bad taste in my mouth for breeders. I have heard breeders talk about how much they love dogs. They love themselves more and it is all about what they want. If one really loved dogs so much they would be out doing what you do to save dogs and not add to the problem of homeless dogs dying in the shelters. It is a tit for tat thing. Breed a liter, some die somewhere else in their place. There is not enough people for all the dogs in this world. I have a friend that is a vet tech and she used to breed and show dogs. She saw the error of her ways and stopped. She says that those who breed have a God complex. Maybe she is right. I love all dogs and even with Rotties being one of my favorites I love them enough not to breed them. Sometime I wonder if all breeders would just stop breeding for just 4 or 5 years maybe the ones that are homeless would have a chance to find a forever home. Maybe if the breeders had to be the Euthanasia Techs at the shelters they might have a change of heart.

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