Kirby and Kassidy Update

Remember these kids-Kirby and Kassidy? They were in a backyard sick with mange and wormy bellies. They were frightened, especially little Kassidy, who also had the worst mange. We got these poor, pathetic pups into the Humane Society and got them started on their meds for demodex mange,  secondary skin infections and internal parasites. They’ve been at Chain of Hope this whole time and they are adorable!! They are growing like weeds, too. They are about 6 mo. old Shar pei mixes, and they are very charming. They have gotten more confident and they are happy now. Their hair is now falling all the way out and they are pretty much starting all the way over, growing new hair. The new stuff is so soft. They’ve been on vitamin additives (thanks Joe!) and had medicated baths, but they are finished with the baths now. They are super sweet puppies-so grateful for everything and always happy-never complaining.

Kirby and Kassidy would both love to have a foster home, or better yet-an adoptive home! Please fill out an application on our website under “Adoptions”. These two (I call them “the twins”) have come so far. They were so sick and in such a bad situation, kept outside 24/7. They are now transformed. Thank you for your donations so that we can help the Kirbys and the Kassidys-they’re out there!


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