Chain of Hope received a call from a concerned neighbor regarding a house out south. She said there were quite a few kennels and doghouses far back in the backyard of this house and that they used to have several pits back there a while ago. Now the caller said there were two pits there now and they were very thin and not looking good at all. Marilyn and I headed over to check it out.

It was really difficult to see in the backyard, so we asked a neighbor behind there if we could go in their yard and have a look. She said that was fine. She said she never saw any dogs anymore, but she did see the people walk back there once in a while with a bowl. We went into the backyard and saw all of the kennels and big freight-type wooden boxes as their shelter. We did not see any dogs out and began whistling and calling for them. We were back there for about 10 min. calling and trying to see if anything was back there. Then, finally, we heard a movement from inside one of the dog houses. We went and got some canned cat food from the van and began throwing it into their pens. Slowly, two pit bulls emerged from their houses. One was light brown and you could see his ribs, but he wasn’t horrible. The little black pit was in terrible shape. She was totally emaciated. She had lots of sores and scars on her. She had open wounds on her butt bones that were sticking out so much. The one side was bloody and had pus coming out of it and the straw (the little that was in their house) was sticking to her wound. This was truly a disgusting situation.

It was a rainy, cold day and these dogs needed to get out of there right there and then. We had already had an animal control call earlier in the day and we know that animal control doesn’t always get out there the same day. There were many factors involved here, including the fact that there were several people in the house and we suspected it wouldn’t be a very welcome environment . We decided to try and work with the police to get animal control out there asap.

Pretty soon a police car pulled up with two cops in it. One of them was very nice and one of them was not. He just didn’t want to be bothered with an animal case, but these animals clearly needed help. I asked them to please come back and look at the dogs, which they did. The nice cop called animal control. While we waited for animal control, the owner came home. He works for the city and someone from inside the house had apparently called him that the cops were there. The cops motioned for us to come over and all of us stood there and talked in the yard. The man said that there was nothing wrong with his dogs, that his dogs didn’t look bad, etc. He then said that only one of them was his (of course)-the brown one. The one that was in very bad shape belonged to a friend or something. I told him that since that dog had been on his property for at least 3 days, he was considered the owner and he would receive any citations for the dog. He was pissed and so were we. The cops said that we were just going to wait for animal control and that we could sit in our vehicles and stay warm until they got there.

Marilyn and I watched as the man went around to the backyard and we said that we knew he was going to go get those dogs and pull them in the house, where no one could do anything. Sure enough, we saw him come up from the backyard with the black pit under his arm. He was heading for the back door of his house. Marilyn and I got out of the van and motioned to the cops that he was taking the black one into the house. I wonder why if there “was nothing wrong with it” that he felt the need to hide it before animal control got there. Asshole!

Anyway, animal control arrived and the police made the guy go get the black pit. The ACO took one look at it and said “it’s going with me”.  He told the guy to go get the other dog and when he brought it up from the yard, the ACO said that he was taking it too. He then proceeded to write the owner citations. Thank goodness, this ACO officer did the right thing and impounded these two dogs.

The next morning, the shelter  called me and told me that they were probably going to put this little black pit down because she was in bad shape and they were very full. I went over and got her. Her entire life had been suffering and she so deserved to know happiness for a change. We named her Onyx and she is a real sweetheart. She’s about 3 yrs. old and she is heartworm positive. She’s on antibiotics for her terrible sores and a good dewormer. She really needs a foster home to recover in. If you are interested in fostering or adopting Onyx, please fill out a foster or adoption application on our website under the “adoption” page. Let’s show this girl the love and care that she needs.

The other pit bull is at Halfway Home. We could only pull one of them, so please spread the word about the brown pit bull. We get calls almost daily with people asking us to take a pit bull. Unfortunately we cannot. We have several in our foster program and they take a long time to place for obvious reasons. There are so many that need help, they are the most neglected and abused breed in the world. We do what we can with the resources that we have.  All of our hearts at Chain of Hope are with the chained, fought, starved, bred, and forgotten pit bulls. Thanks for keeping us out there for dogs like Onyx and her friend.


4 Responses to “Suffering”

  1. Andy Whiteman Says:

    That SOB should have been arrested, put into the ACO truck, and transported to jail. Jail it too good for him. He should be kept the same way he kept the dogs. Hopefully he will receive a stiff penalty. He is not fit to be a city employee.

  2. Linda Says:

    Poor Poor babies. Is there no end to the nightmare??? I think I might become a serial killer of irresponsible pet owners.
    You can tell by looking at the pictures of Onyx that she has no idea what love from a human is. I want her to know love. Thank you ladies, you are Saints.

  3. Norita Says:

    Kudos to the “nice” cop. And you guys too of course.

  4. kcblues2 Says:

    Is there anything the public can do to make kc take more action in cases like these? Thank u all for what u do!

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