One of our volunteers stopped by a house that we monitor on a moderate basis. When she went to leave hay and food for the chained outside dog (which we recently spayed-thanks for your donations), she found this little girl in the backyard, too. When she spoke to the owner, the owner told her that their other dog had attacked this little one. The volunteer called me and told me that the puppy was really bad. I told her to work on getting them to relinquish it and we would take over the medical and finding her a good home that deserved her. She was successful in getting her signed over. The next day Denise, the volunteer,  took her to the vet and she has a terrible case of demodex mange. There was no dog attack, it was a bad case of mange. These people did nothing for this poor girl. They just let her suffer.
Thanks to Denise and her son Kyle, who come out to volunteer every Sunday. They are the ones that came across this sweet baby, who they named Selby.  Denise also paid for her vet visit and is fostering her. Selby’s whole life is turning around thanks to Denise and Kyle-thanks guys for your dedication to the neglected animals in KC!


One Response to “Selby”

  1. Lois Gorman Says:

    Thank God for loving and caring people like you. For every animal that is miss treated or abuse the same should happen to the owners. There in no excuse for any kind of bad treatmeant for any animal. They only ask to be LOVED and FED. It makes me sick to my stomach the way MOLLY was left. If people cant afford to feed and care for them THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE THEM. I have both cats and dogs and they are our little kids, and they love us so much in return.

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