Chain of Hope received 3 calls last Sunday about a German Shepherd that had been hit by a car. The reports were that the dog would lay in someone’s front yard and then get up and move very slowly along. They mentioned that he was dragging or limping on one of his back  legs. My daughter Hannah and I jumped in the car and headed down to the Hickman Mills area. One of the couples who had reported this dog got back out in their car and started looking for the dog again. By the time Hannah and I got down there, they told us that the dog had gone into the woods. This was 5:00-6:00 Sunday night. It was freezing cold, sleeting pretty heavily and it was foggy. I grabbed my control stick and went into the woods. As I was running through the woods, a branch jumped out and jabbed me right next to my right eye. It jabbed me so hard and it hurt like crazy, but I had to find this poor dog.

I continued through the woods and saw that there was a fence line up ahead and laying up against the fence in the freezing sleet, was the dog. He was huge! I had some canned catfood (smelly!) that I started chucking over to him. I was so afraid he’d bolt. He ignored the food and he literally just laid there as I approached him. I saw no injuries on him and he was alert. It was just like he was saying “I give up” or maybe “someone is here who will help me.” I got the control stick on him and he got up and just started going back through the woods, back the way I’d come.  Aside from getting stuck in some nasty vines along the way, we made it out of the woods and finally to my truck. He and I were a soggy, tired mess! I was soaked through with freezing cold rain and sleet. I could only imagine how badly this dog felt-he’d been out in this weather all day. The poor dog was soaked to the core.

We got him loaded up and back to Chain of Hope. We dried him off with some towels and set him up in a wonderful, large pen that Shelly brought us a couple of weeks ago (thanks, Shelly!).

Vinny, as we’re calling him, is an older boy, maybe 6-8 yrs. old. He has the sloped down hindquarters as purebred shepherds do, yet he is weak in the back end. I think I can understand how someone would’ve thought he had been hit possibly, the way he walks.

We are now in the process of trying to find the owner. We think this boy has someone missing him. He is well- fed, he sits and lays. He’s a wonderful dog. We will pursue this angle and see if we can get him reunited with his owner. I’ll keep you posted.


One Response to “Vinny”

  1. LiRae Says:

    Oh, he is just beautiful! SOOO glad you got him. My best wish is for his family to be reunited with him. IF not, then for him to spend the rest of his golden years in a very loving home. He deserves it. My husband was raised w/GShepherds and just loves them.

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