Kirby and Kassidy



Kirby and Kassidy have been through a lot. We found them in a backyard, looking pretty bad. They obviously had mange and big wormy bellies.  We got them to the vet and they both have Demodex mange, which is the non-contagious kind. They are on medications for their skin issues and we”ve de-wormed them.

Kassidy is the smaller of the two and she is pretty shy. She also is the one with the worst case of mange. Kirby really isn’t that bad-we got him in time.  They would really benefit from a foster home while they recover. They need some more socializing and some TLC,  although Kirby is coming up to us and doing really well. They are about 5 months old and they are pretty big puppies. Kirby is 40 lbs. and Kassidy is 30  lbs. They are Shar Pei mixes-super cute. We call them our little black pigs! Fill out a foster application on our website (under “Adoptions”) if you’d be interested in offering these guys a foster home. Chain of Hope is paying for all of their medical care, food, etc. They just need a loving place to hang out and heal. Thanks for keeping us out there.


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