Pete is a GREAT dog! Glad his owners didn’t realize it and now he can move onto a wonderful, forever home where he is truly wanted and loved. Chain of Hope received a call from the neighbor about this dog whose owner leaves town for months at a time and a friend or someone comes over every couple of weeks and throws some kind of food at it. In the words of Brittney, the volunteer who checked this out: “Peter wasn’t on a chain when we got to him. The lady said the guy had taken him off of it when he came by yesterday to clean up the yard. I did take a pic of the chain. There was no shelter back there except for the 2 broken down cars. The last time she saw the man feed him was a couple of weeks ago when he tossed two loaves of bread over the fence and left. Before that, he hadn’t been by since November. If it wasn’t for this neighbor and her family, he probably would’ve died.”

This neighbor begged us to take this dog and find him a good home. We loaded him in the van and headed down to Chain of Hope. At one point I turned around to see Peter in the middle of all the hay in the back of the van! So many of the dogs that we rescue and put in there do this! They love to snuggle down in the hay, spread it all over, pee on it,  etc.

Peter is awesome! He is only about 1-2 yrs. old, about 40 lbs., and happy as can be!! He is having the best time running around Chain of Hope with the other dogs. How lonely he must’ve been in that backyard by himself, with only the neighbor to help him. God bless the woman who cared enough to take care of Peter and then make a phone call to Chain of Hope. Peter is being transferred to Wayside Waifs on Friday, where he will be able to find a truly good home this time. Have a great life, Peter!


One Response to “Peter”

  1. Linda Says:

    What an awesome dog! His face speaks volumes! I would love to kiss his fuzzy little dog lips! Yes God Bless you all who cared to save him from his lonely existence.

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